Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The Christmas tree is coming down today, four days after HH said he was taking it down. Last night, he delegated the duty. The #1 son was supposed to undecorate it, but he kind of forgot, what with leaving home at 8:15 this morning to go to basketball practice, and returning at noon, and eating a big sandwich with Fiery Hot Wings Pringles, and drinking a Coke, and playing Medal of Honor on the Wii for a couple of hours, and fighting with The Pony, and texting, texting, texting. He says he is done now, but he only worked on it for 10 minutes, and fired The Pony from assisting, and now I hear gunshots again. I'm hoping it's the Wii.

I've seen two former Christmas trees at the official tree recycling station of a neighboring town, tossed asunder, lying next to a pile of dirt, dirt which has a sign stuck in it proclaiming that the dirt is property of the city. You know, so people know they have to go find their OWN dirt, and not embezzle the city dirt. There's also a tree that was dumped in the lake of our town. It still has tinsel on it. That's just on the part I can see sticking out of the water. Maybe the whole thing is decorated for the fish. The lake does not have a sign that says, "Dump your Christmas trees in here!" Neither does it have a sign that says, "No Christmas tree dumping."

Our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree will probably go down the sinkhole. That, or HH will torch it. Hopefully, not on a day with 60 mph winds.

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