Friday, December 19, 2008

Cowabunga and Dragongate

I stand corrected on The Pony's home-made gift for a kid in his class. This morning, around 6:25, I told him to find a bow for the package I had wrapped, and complimented him on 'the cute dinosaur with the toes on its feet'. The Pony took exception to the compliment. "Uh. It was a dragon, not a dinosaur, and those were not toes, they were claws!" OK. Note to Self: remove foot from mouth, cut back on the compliment specifics.

Mabel, my bestest friend, gave me a most wonderful Christmas gift: a pink cowgirl hat with a ropey thingy to go under my chin, and sequins, and silver trim, and 'Dolly' in silver across the back. YES! It is a Dolly Parton hat! You know, Dolly, my favorite celebrity, who has amassed a $100 million plus fortune for herself, not only through singing, but through songwriting, and business ventures such as Dollywood and the Dixie Stampede. Kudos to Dolly for pulling herself up by the bra-straps. Dolly was so poor, she was not even a coal-miner's daughter. At least Loretta Lynn's daddy had steady work.

Mabel also gave me a book, hardcover, entitled Dolly: My Life and Other Unfinished Business. Kudos also to Mabel, for foregoing the hug this year and planting a firm air-kiss in the vicinity of my classroom door.

Along with her 3rd & 4th allotments of Chex Mix, here's what I gave Mabel:

She's a cow-lovin' fool, that Mabel. This Beefeater is just for you, Mabel. Enjoy. Because I am not very creative, I also got Mabel a parade cow for her birthday, and I may as well show its picture, too:

That one is "Cow-Moo-Flage". I liked the chicken theme. They are the same size, but I had to give the Beefeater his day of glory. I really need a master list of Mabel's cow herd, because I cannot remember the ones she has, and I pick the ones I like, and I might start repeating.

For today's history lesson, let's take a look at the original Beefeater. The Beefeaters are guards at the Tower of London, technically named Yeoman Warders. Beefeater is a nickname, perhaps due to their being partially paid at one time with beef, or being able to eat beef from the Royal Kitchens. There is fierce competition to become a Beefeater, and applicants must have 22 years of service in the British armed forces. The first female Beefeater took her post in 2007. Beefeaters live in the Tower of London as long as they serve. One very special Beefeater, the Ravenmaster, feeds the ravens that live in the Tower. Bad news for him and the other Beefeaters if the ravens leave, because according to legend, the British monarchy will collapse. You can read about it here, but I've stolen most of the info for this paragraph.

I do not want to become a Beefeater. I hear that the Tower of London is haunted, and not such a very cheerful place.


Cazzie!!! said...

That is some freaky stuff HBM!! I just finished watching some Dolly Parton tunes on you tbe this morning, a couple of christmassy ones..and my favourite of hers, apart from Jolene, A Coat of Many colors.
With the kids, I am also careful not to guess what it is they have created. I say it is wonderful, what made them think of creating it, things like that. lol

Hillbilly Mom said...

Everybody has to appreciate Dolly. One of my favorite Dolly songs is 'Do I Ever Cross Your Mind'. It's on Trio II, sung by Emmylou Harris, and also on Just Because I'm a Woman, sung by Joan Osborne.

You are much better with kids than I am. I blame my scientific background. I see the details, formulate a theory, and hurt kids' feelings. The Pony said the kid he gave it to knew right away that it was a DRAGON. He was very happy to get it.