Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day Times Three

Day Three of the pre-Christmas Break. I have wrapped a multitude of gifts. UPS just delivered more to the Mansion. We do not even have our tree up yet. That is unheard of in Hillmomba. HH's birthday is tomorrow. The Pony and I wrapped some gifts for him, and bought him a cake with a John Deere toy tractor on top, and a birthday card that plays the 'chicken dance' music. All thanks to The Devil's Playground, where we set off that alarm thingy on the way out. It was for a $29.00 Bright One light. I think that was the name of it. All those tooly gadgets look alike to me. The Pony did not so much mind that we had to stand by the exit while people stared at our criminalness as he did the extra five minutes it took before he could climb into T-Hoe and eat his Papa John's pizza.

We had dropped the #1 son off at church, where he had to get the electronic doodads in order for the Christmas program on Friday night. He missed church on Sunday, due to his birthday sleepover on Saturday. The sleepover that enabled HH, when driving the boys around, to tell one of them that his mother used to be really pretty when she was in high school. The Kid was mortified. HH still does not see that he did anything wrong. The #1 son said the worst part was that they were driving, and they couldn't talk without HH hearing them, so The Kid held his cell phone up to his face to show his embarrassment, and then #1 texted him, "See what I have to deal with?"

Tomorrow, we may actually go to school. I've got the Chex Mix, Mabel! The roads still look pretty bad in spots. We came home at 1:00, and it was only 24 degrees. That freezing mist yesterday really did a job on smooth surfaces. When I dropped #1 off at church, T-Hoe slid sideways down a slanted parking lot. I was helpless. I feared that he may get a wheel or two behind those concrete stopper-thingies at the head of the parking places, and then I would really be in a fix. Thank the Gummi Mary, I got him stopped. When the tech guy got there, #1 got out and slid down to the entrance. He held on to T-Hoe as long as he could. Then I told him to grab the church van, but he tried to go around the ice, which was a shining sea as far as the eye could see, so he went back and held on, and still slid. I hollered at him to surf it to the curb. He did, but he'll never hang ten at Oahu.

Now I need to go see if The Pony is rifling through those packages. I asked him if he'd been into them, and with a grin ear-to-ear, he said, "Nooo." That boy can not lie. OK, make that can not lie well. He said he was just wondering what would fit into a package with such a shape as that one on top.

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