Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Full Moon Fever

Why didn't somebody tell me there is a full moon? OK. Depending on which source you check, it may still be two or three days off. But my living, breathing almanacs say different. My students have been showing themselves to be freakin' fresh pieces of humanity. Even Mr. S said after school, " I hate those juniors!" Mr. S is not known to hate at the drop of a hat. He is quite even-tempered. He even had sympathy for the old student who is allegedly going to the big house for raping his wife. The ex-student's own alleged wife, not Mr. S's. No, that would be too confusing, what with trying to explain which one of his four wives I was talking about. Mr. S even had a soft spot for that unrepentant scofflaw who slashed the cord of his box fan because Mr. S wouldn't turn off the fan. And came back after his suspension asking for the fan. "I paid for it. I want it."

We showed the 60 Minutes clip "Managing the Millennials" to our students today. During the discussion, the vocal ones said that it is not right to let workers act this way. It is not fair for other people to have to take up the slack and cover for the ones who won't come to work on time. LET them quit. There are plenty of other people out there who NEED a job. If our parents had to work hard to make a life, then it's good enough for us. WE should have to work hard, too. Let it be noted that 3/4 of this discussion came from the girl who allegedly stole about 100 library books last year. But I'm sure she worked really hard at it.

These kids ARE 'Millennials', but I suppose the lower class Millennials do not have all the perks of the upper class Millennials. I don't know a lot of them going to college, and I don't know a lot of them whose parents dote on them enough to call the teacher or the boss about any little disappointment. It's a hard-knock life for lower class Millennials. I'm not surprised at their take on it. When you argue over who's getting the squirrel one of you just hit in the head with a chucked rock while walking home from school over on the railroad tracks, to see who gets to take it home and fry it up for supper for your younger siblings because Mom is still at work and Dad doesn't live with you, I don't think parading around singing 'It's Raining Shoes' after you wake up in the Nap Room at 3:00 is the kind of thing you expect from your future employer. (In compliance with the Truth in Blogging Act, let it be noted that this situation, while real, did not occur at my current workplace, but at one 45 miles west.)

I took one class to the Book Fair. I only had 8 students in that class today. I thought it would be fine. We stayed about 20 minutes. I announced, "Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's class is going back to her room now, so we can be closer to the cafeteria when the lunch bell rings." You would think that would grab their attention. There was only one other class in the library at the time. But no. We got back to class, and I had 6 students. One straggled in after a couple minutes. "Where were you?" He puffed up. "I SAID 'Just a minute, I'm going to get this' when you were leaving." Indeed. Funny that I didn't hear that. Funny that he never has any money with him. Funny that he didn't say he was going to BUY it. I'm not accusing him of stealing. Only of stalling.

A do-gooder asked, "Do you want me to go look for Lost Boy?" I sent her. She would sell her soul to go to the library, though I don't actually think she does much reading. She likes the librarian. She likes doing good deeds for people. She came back with Lost Boy. I'm surprised she didn't have him by the ear. He's a tough nut to crack. Truth be told, he's the Vegetator. I asked where he'd been. "I was reading a comic." Uh huh. "So you didn't hear me say we were leaving? I mean, it's only the LIBRARY, where no one is talking, and I yell that we're going back to class, and you just didn't hear me? Is that what you're saying?" He nodded. "Pretty much."

I can't take another two days of this. I also fear for Mr. S.


DeadpanAnn said...

Last time I took a class to the book fair, one of them stole something. That was in Yazoo Shitty. I just now realized that there has not been a book fair at my current school.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
I didn't take them back today, but another student said that there are several Twilight books missing from a shipment that just arrived today.

All we have to do is watch and see who's carrying around a Twilight, and ask the Librarian if she sold it to them. WE are smarter than they are. They don't know this yet...because they are not very smart.