Sunday, December 21, 2008

On The Town Again

HH and I continued our wild shopping spree with a stop at Big Lots to pick up a plethora of Barbies, eight, to be exact, then on to Lowes for some solar pathway light thingies. HH parked so far away at Lowes that I felt like I was on a Himalayan expedition. Not a climbing expedition. That lower part, where you walk and walk and walk some more. With all the people wanting to climb mountains, you'd think they might put in a light rail system, and train those Sherpas to drive the train. But getting back to HH's transgressions...I said, "Why didn't you just park me up at the Taco Bell and let me weave my way across the highway. It would have been just as close." HH, in his usual manner, muttered, "It's not that far away." On the way in, in the freezing cold, we passed a bunch of empty spaces, then a cart return, then a bunch more empty spaces, then some cars, the an empty space ONE space away from the end. "Why didn't you park there?" HH said, "It wasn't there when we pulled in." I was having none of it. "Well, the other 14 empty spaces were." HH said I complain too much. Go figure.

After Lowes, we headed to lunch, but it was only 10:08, so I told HH that was not really an option. We drove to look at the new Buffalo Wild Wings place. From there, we were supposed to go to Walgreens to look for that Iron Gym thingie for the #1 son, the thingie that you put up in the door frame and you can do all kinds of pull-ups, or knee lifts, or put it at the bottom for sit-ups. Though, to be fair, #1 does not really want one, because, in his words, "If we tried that in THIS house, the whole door would rip out, thanks to Dad building it." But no. HH, perhaps sensing a test of his carpentry skills, insisted that he drive me through the downtown area to look at some little shops for something for my sister-the-mayor's-wife. I told him I had no intention of going into any shops, and to take me to Walgreens.

So he took me to a hardware store. Not only that, but he said he would park around the corner, and proceeded to park me right beside a big tree that was growing in the artsy little strip between the road and the sidewalk. "Ahem. I need to be able to open my door." HH pulled up a few inches. So I could get the door open and step out onto the curb, but also rammed my shoulder into that tree as I stepped back behind the door to close it. Never mind that we went in the side door up ahead of us, past an empty parking spot with no tree.

Next, we made it to Walgreens, where HH found a penny on the parking lot. We found several retro thingies for MSTMW, and stuff for the boys. In fact, we spent such a long time there that it was 11:45 when we left. That's a reasonable lunch time for me, what with my school lunch coming at 10:53 every day. HH had quite a time piling everything into T-Hoe. I miss my old LSUV.

The Wings place was pretty good, and had the added bonus of a penny in a crack on the curb, which HH pocketed, but the architect was terribly amiss in his entrance design. People hang out there waiting to meet other people, and there is just not enough room. Oh, and the 'non-smoking' area smelled suspiciously full of smoke to me, so they need to get their ventilation system de-bugged before somebody not me complains to whatever agency handles the nonsmoking complainers.

The service was good, and the food was good, and they had BuzzTime Trivia and Texas Hold 'em. HH played under my name, betting up a storm without even seeing his cards, because, well, he doesn't know how to play, and likes to bet with other people's imaginary money. I heard him exclaim, "I've got a pair of queens. I'm raising." I looked at the screen, and saw that everybody had a pair of queens. It was the flop. So much for HH winning me a new Mansion and LSUV on the professional poker circuit.

All in all, it was a good shopping day, and HH carried stuff into the Mansion, after picking up a penny he found on the garage floor, and no neighbor's pigs were harmed.


Cazzie!!! said...

Gah! Parks up closer to the store and he parked further the cold, brrrr, no thanks, lol.
I am forgetting it is Winter there. Today here in Melbourne it is decidedly cooler for a Summer's Day. Yesterday was boiling hot with HOT Northerly winds, gale force winds in fact. If there were no water restrictions, and if I didn't give a rat's bum about the environment I'd have let the kids run around with water bombs and get each other...of course, not get me with them, nope, LOL.
Sounds like you are having a good time shopping though, at least it is out of the way.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Indeed, it just turned winter officially. We are having a cold snap. It was down to 4 degrees Fahrenheit last night, which for you would be 15.5555555 degrees Celsius, the science teacher in me says.

Your talk of the heat makes me wish it was Poolio season at the Mansion.