Monday, December 15, 2008

The Most Boringest Post Ever

We had a day off from school today. That's the good news. The bad news is that I spent the latter half of it sitting in the doctor's office. It was a regular 6-month appointment, and I had changed it twice due to the time and one of #1's basketball games. I called to see if they might work me in early, since I was out of school, but after hanging up on me twice, the girl just laughed at me. Then she said, "Bless your heart." Because apparently, the doctor was just swamped.

Silly me. I thought that with all the ice and sleet, people would stay home, and try to reschedule their doctor's appointment. But no. The ice must be a silent call to all of the elderly to high-tail it to the doctor's office. There were 3 people in wheelchairs. One guy had a walker with wheels on it. Good thing they had handicap tags, because those of us who had to park in the lot and skate on the ice and haul ourselves up to the 4th floor could not imagine a wheelchair or wheelie-walker moving on that ice. One of the workers got out of her car, fell down, tried to get up, and fell again. I hope she saw a doctor. I hope she filed a grievance. I could not believe the condition of that parking lot. The only good thing was...if I fell and cracked my skull, I knew I was within crawling distance of the ER. That is, if I was not knocked unconscious, because if my brains leaked out, they would have frozen to that blacktop in about 60 seconds.

I arrived a whole 10 minutes before my 4:00 appointment. At 4:15, one of the wheelchair guys said he had been sitting there since 2:00. All he came in for was to pick up a prescription. You'd think he would have asked them to call it in somewhere. At 4:45, they called me back. At 5:05, the doctor came in to see me. At 5:10, we were done.

At least they quit charging me that $20 copay. I have a suspicion they are billing both my primary and secondary insurances for the full amount. I used to get paperwork from both insurances, and still had to pay the copay. Oh well. It ain't MY problem.

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