Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Snippets

The Devil's Playground makes me sweat. I think The Devil must have decreed that all thermostats be set at 74. Every time I go in there lately, I perspire.

I put more gas in T-Hoe. So HH decided to drive it to town to visit my grandma. He's a mooch. He also says he's going to look at a $1950 car, because his 1986 Mercedes is leaking something. At first, I thought he said he was going to look at a 1950 car. To which I replied, "You need that like a hole in the head."

The Pony bought a new computer game. He carried it all through the store, and the cashier put it in a little bag for him. When we pulled into the garage, he couldn't find it. I was afraid that he had laid it in the cart when I asked him to put it in the cart corral thingy that The Devil does not have enough of. After five minutes of panic, he found it under the passenger seat. Not that my driving is reckless or anything.

People need to learn how to drive as good as me. That's all there is to it. I was waiting on a car and a truck pulling a trailer to go by before I pulled out onto the county road. The driver in the car slowed down and motioned me out. I didn't go. I shook my head, because HELLO there was that truck pulling a trailer coming along right behind him. The driver frowned at me. Then he turned right onto the road I was coming out of. A simple turn signal would have been sufficient to get me out, because I had seen him coming from far enough away. Oh, but it gets better. The truck pulling the trailer also turned in without a turn signal, and gave me a dirty look because he wanted me out of the way so he could swing wide with that trailer. I think they were in cahoots.

Yesterday the #1 son and I played basketball for an hour. More like I passed the ball to him and told him how to square up and shoot, not to drop the ball to his waist before shooting, and how the same-side arm and leg go up when shooting a lay-up. He's gotten it into his head that he wants to play on the 8th grade team this year. They only had eight players last year, so I see no harm in it. He's six feet tall, by cracky. I think he can work his way into a game or two.

Why doesn't the week pass by as fast as the weekend?

The Pony and I took the #1 son to church, with plans to go to The Devil's Playground on the way home. When we got there, I noticed that I was wearing a shirt with a chili stain on it. Not a BIG stain, like the one that won't shut up on that Tide commercial. About a ladybug-sized irregular stain. And The Pony had on a shirt that he wore yesterday, and it looked like he had chewed on the neck, because it was all wrinkly and misshapen. We are not fashion plates, the Hillbilly family of Hillmomba.

Only two more weeks until we get our first day off from school. And you know what that means.


Stewed Hamm said...

"Above my pay grade" is weasel-speak for "Not my job description," with a side order of "Hey, I sound like I know stuff about the military!"

Not that I really give a crap about Rick Warren or his opinions about anything, but BarryO is in serious trouble when (what sadly passes for) actual debates start.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I can't wait for the debates. All THREE of them! I can't wait for BObama to get his butt handed to him. I've never been able to see him as anything other than an elitist. Unless maybe it's a stammering Lying Egotistical Sexist Hypocritical Bigot.