Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Thought Thursday 8-21-08

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has grooming issues. Today she was spotted wearing one blue sock and one black sock. Nobody had the nerve to tell her. But if they had, she would have replied, "Well, nobody seemed to notice when I wore the other pair earlier this week."

I try to be sociable. Really, I do. But when I have OH SO MUCH work to try and put a dent in during my plan time, it is just not convenient to have to make small talk while my room is being cleaned. I thought rooms were cleaned after school, but not at this place. I even used to have the kids put their chairs up on their desks at the end of the day, like we were told, to facilitate sweepage. Then I realized that the only sweeping being done was during my plan time, and it was merely some weightlifting exercises the kids and I were doing each afternoon at 3:00, and each morning at 8:00. It was all for naught. As is 5 valuable minutes of my plan time. 25 minutes per week. 36 weeks per year. That is 18 of my 50-minute planning periods being wasted over the course of the school year, people. Three and a half weeks of lost plan time. That's half a quarter! No wonder Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is so cranky when she is sociable.

We had chicken-and-noodles and garlic bread for lunch today, but I could not partake. I did not have any Pepcid on hand.

The Pony is in the doghouse. For two days now, he has not filled out his planner for school. Then he tried to tell me that really, they don't have to. I'm so sure the school spends all that money to buy every student a planner, and then doesn't expect them to write down their assignments. I told him he wasn't getting on his computer until that sucker was filled out, PLUS I was going to email his teacher to tell him The Pony says planners are not necessary. The Pony said he would rather I did not do that, and had a sudden recovery from his two-day bout of amnesia. He filled out that planner in no time.

The tech guy says my school laptop/SmartBoard combo works fine. All I have to do is hit function and F8 to toggle back and forth over the display appearing on the SmartBoard or on the screen of the laptop. Which I think is a bunch of hooey, but then, I am not a member of the tech team. And he is not sitting in the midst of 30 students, toggling back and forth.

Every now and then, you get a batch of Hot & Sour Soup that is really hot. Really.

I would love to go on, but this is my TV night.


DeadpanAnn said...

I too have to make small talk during my planning time because my room gets cleaned then, but I'm just glad it's getting cleaned. This year I'm on the opposite end of campus, and the lady who cleans that side actually does her job. Last year my room was never clean. Ever. After a few weeks of wondering how the guy could go through there with a giant sweeper and not manage to sweep a single thing, I walked in on him sweeping in the dark. He thought I was gone for the day, but I was in a really long meeting. He didn't even turn the damn light on, and he made one pass through the room-- from the entrance straight to the exit without flipping on the light. Mystery solved.

Oh, and I know all about that function f8 b.s. That's what they say every time I can't get the digital projector to project. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
That's a new on on me: sweeping in the dark. Could have been a Springsteen song. I, myself, would never go anywhere in a dark school. Too many things to go bump.

Today the tech dude brought me a SmartPad. He must have been talking to the custodial staff about the best time to do his business, because he came in at the beginning of 3rd hour, and stayed until almost lunch time. I hope he enjoyed the lesson on calculating the area of rectangles, circles, and triangles. At least he didn't come during my plan time. It's entirely different to waste instructional time.