Saturday, August 2, 2008

Odd Ends

The magnificent iPhone has shipped! The boy was worried this morning, because after 10 business days of checking the queue each hour, he saw that 12 ORDERS PLACED AFTER HIS had shipped on July 31. He was frantic. I told him to shut up, or call the guy at the AT&T store, because I would not discuss it with him until he did. Guess that little rascal enjoys my conversation, because he dialed up Gustave the salesman and read him the riot act. Gustave said that usually doesn't happen, 12 of them shipping out of order (if they are not the white ones). He said he would check on it and call back. An hour and 45 minutes and no call later, the #1 son called the store and requested Gustave. He asked again, and got some line about how they had been having trouble with debit card orders being delayed. Au contraire, my boy objected, it was ordered with a regular credit card. Gustave said he checked, and the order was in the process of shipping, and was probably leaving the warehouse right now and on its way to the store. Uh huh. I told the boy that Gustave was just shining him on to get rid of him on the phone. #1 agreed. He checked the queue over and over all afternoon. Guess what. At 4:12, it said that his precious iPhone had shipped. I'm thinkin' that Gustave got mighty lucky in the coincidence department, and dodged a bullet this morning.

I am in love with Frig. He's my iPhone equivalent. I especially enjoy his ice-making capabilities. No thanks to HH, though. The first day of ice-on-demand, I filled my big water cup twice, and HH and the boys also partook of the frigid chunks of goodness. But the next night, I placed my trough under the spigot, and NOTHING came out. That darn HH had turned off the 'extra ice' button like it was costing him something. I don't want to hear his excuses. He's cruisin' for a bruisin'. Achin' for a breakin'. Yakkin for a whackin'. It does not help his case that Ol' Cooler is still sitting on the side porch. I'm sick of this hillbillyness. HH promises that once he puts the axle back on his 1970 collector truck so he can move the 4-wheeler and Scout out of the garage and park the truck there, he will move Ol' Cooler to his new home in the BARn. I'm not holding my breath. HH has been working on that collector since the year The Pony was born...10 years ago.

Excuse me. I need to calm down. I plan on sipping some icy water and having a discussion with my boy on the merits of 3G.


dale said...

But doesn't The Mansion have a reputation of parcels going astray :-)

Hillbilly Mom said...

As a long-term Mansion visitor, you understand the Unqualified People Shipping (UPS) quotient. Indeed, the Mansion has package problems. It's not so much that they go astray, but that the packages arrive having been opened and/or crushed under an obese elephant. Since most Mansion packages contain books or DVDs, this has not been a terrific problem. More of a bee in Hillbilly Mom's calico bonnet.

Thank the Gummi Mary that the iPhone 3G is being shipped TO THE AT&T STORE. Hopefully, my psycho UPS driver won't get a hand on it.

At last check this afternoon, the iPhone cooling his heels in Memphis. I'm not sure why, since he was in Fort Worth yesterday, but perhaps he's taking the scenic route to pay his Elvis respects at Graceland. I definitely know that Memphis is not on the way to Hillmomba via Fort Worth.