Saturday, August 16, 2008

Scatterbrain Saturday

From the people who bring you Random Thought Thursdays...

Basementia Buddy has a problem. Artsy Fartsy found a little dog, and kept it for a week while trying to find a home for it. I saw the picture. It looks like a little fox. I knew HH would not go for pet number nine. Three dogs and five cats are more than a feast. Artsy persuaded Basementia Buddy to take the little dog. BB called this afternoon looking for home for Foxy. She says Foxy is the sweetest thing, but wouldn't you know it, Foxy is a chicken-killer. That's a problem. BB has chickens. Well, she used to. She called the Humane Society and described Foxy as a kind of a sheltie face and a corgi body, but not so stocky. The Humane Society told her it sounded like it might be some kind of pricey doggy, but I don't remember what kind. I told BB no dice on the Hillbilly family adopting sweet Foxy. BB wants to know if Mabel might be interested in adopting her. Foxy, not BB herself, who has her own family and is relatively happy with them, except for her husband who demanded she get rid of the fowl slaughterer. I don't think Mabel wants a doggie. I tried to call Mabel, but her hearing aid is turned off. Or else she screened me out. Poor Foxy. Poor Basementia Buddy.

A school in Texas is allowing its teachers to carry guns. You can imagine my reaction when I heard this on the news: Thank the Gummi Mary, it wasn't in Missouri.

I have a bone to pick with 7-11 over gas prices and octane ratings. Since I bought the high grade gas, I have gotten worse mileage than I did with the mid-grade gas. Something's fishy in 7-11. I shall give them one more try on the mid-grade, and if not satisfied, I will return my gassy business to a different location of Casey's General Store. If I'm going to get poor mileage, I'm going to get it the cheapest way I can, by cracky!

HH was excessively demanding this evening. He wanted a BLT for supper. Then he wanted to know just WHEN I was going to cook it. This was at 4:15. I told him I would get right on that, but it wouldn't be ready instantly. HH huffed and puffed that it wasn't going to take HOURS to fry some bacon. And cut up lettuce. And cut up tomato. Then there's getting the twist tie off the Bunny Bread. Anyhoo...I told him that it wouldn't take long to fry HIM some bacon, but that if I was frying it for the other three of us, and cooking eggs for the boys, who wanted no part of L or T, it would take a while. HH huffed and puffed some more, and ended up snatching two slices of garlic bologna from Frig, without even any bread. He stormed out, leaving me makin' the bacon. Not like that.

I went to the pharmacy and drove right through our junior class car wash without stopping or saying BOO. The #1 son texted his buddy to see if he was there with his brother. As I got out of T-Hoe, I said, "In case he asks, I am NOT here for a car wash. I'm just here for the drugs. I can't afford a car wash AND drugs. Once I get the drugs, I won't care that my car is dirty."

Only 172 days of school left!


Stewed Hamm said...

High-Octane gasoline will give your engine more power during times of peak performance, i.e. 0-60 time trials, or hauling a BassCat up a steep hill. If you use lower-octane fuel during those times, you'll get engine knock, which will result in a loss of power vs. a smoothly-running engine.

What high-octane fuel won't do is give you better mileage. Especially if you put it into a vehicle that doesn't need it. If your engine isn't timed to take advantage of high-octane fuel, you're just pissing your money down a hole by using premium.

Sure, if you're going to be hauling a fine 1980s automobile off of your property in the middle of the night, or recreating that scene from "Twister" by driving through The Shootist's living room, then your T-Hoe might benefit from a tank of Premium. In general though, I'd advise you to use that extra 20 or 30 cents per gallon on something important to mankind, like a Sonic Cherry Diet Coke.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I went back to the mid-grade, and am getting good results again. My problem with Casey's General Store gas it that they sell the regular and 'super' for the same price. I think they are the same gas, no matter which pump you pump it from, that they fill both their tanks with the same gas. So now I'm a 7-11 gal. I've given up the Sonic Cherry Diet Cokes for a while. They give me a pain in my stomach like the lining is being eaten away.