Friday, August 8, 2008

From The Kitchen Of Hillbilly Mom

What's with Blogger lately? Every night there's a scheduled outage at 6:00 Hillmomba time. That's prime blogging time for Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. I'm pretty smart, though. When I see it now, I get things ready ahead of time. It used to be that I would open a 'create' thingy and let it sit, let my thoughts marinate between typing fits. Now I have to get 'er done in a timely manner. You know, so it doesn't cut into my TV time.

I have to drive the #1 son to town for his sleepover paintball shindig. That means I will be getting back right around the outage time. I am currently bonding with my Shiba while we make a crock pot of stew. It sounds simple, but it's not as easy as HH thinks it is. It takes 30 minutes to cut up the carrots and onions and potatoes, then 90 minutes to brown the meat. OK, so I could probably cut down the prep time if I used more than one pan on the meat, and filled those pans fuller, and didn't cut the meat into small pieces. The thing is, I could throw a steak on top of those vegetables, and HH would take it, and declare, "Well, I only took ONE piece of meat." So I make it into many smaller pieces. He would also eat the bay leaves if I didn't remove them. I declare, it's like taking care of a toddler.

I love my Shiba. Now I can blog in the light of day. That's about the only homie thing I plan to do with my Shiba. She is mainly to be used as a workhorse. I prefer my New Delly desktop at home for recreational computing. But I can use Shiba to do work stuff out by the TV. Get it? I can multi-task. Then I won't have to stay at school until 5:00 every day. Maybe. Especially if we get that new grade program thingy that we can use from home. Or I might stay after anyway, and then actually DO the work I bring home with me.

The weekend news cycle is in full swing on this lovely Friday afternoon. Pretty Johnny Edwards admitted to an affair with his previously 'alleged' mistress. He still declares he is not the father of her baby. Sorry, I'm not linking it. I'm sure Google will do you proud.

That does it for now. Shiba and I are going to put our feet up and watch CNN.

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