Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stop HM Before She Adopts Again

Oops! I did it again. But please don't call me Britney. Angelina would be more fitting. Or, if you're from a different era...Mia.

Today I made another addition to the family. I barely know her yet. The #1 son has been playing with her all afternoon, and The Pony has grown quite jealous. We didn't even have to go to China to pick her up, though I will admit there was a fee. She really was not planned. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment adoptions. The #1 son came up with the idea yesterday while we were at school. And I thought, what the h*ll, we can afford to take her into our Mansion.

The boy found her on the internet. She is originally from Japan. And she was handpicked just for ME. #1 could hardly sleep last night, what with the anticipation of bringing her home the very next day. He rushed me through my unpaid school work day. "Isn't it time to leave, Mom?" I had planned on 11:00, but it was 11:20 when we got out of there.

We had to drive T-Hoe to a neighboring town to see if she was ready for us. She was. Lucky we got there when we did, because the guy in charge thought she had already been given to someone else. Whew! That would have been a load of disappointment all around. Except for The Pony. The #1 son carried her to the car, cradled in his arms, and set her in the back seat right behind him, next to The Pony, who was indifferent. When we got home, she was the first thing he carried into the Mansion. He set her on the couch until he finished carrying in our other stuff, then he sat down beside her, stroking her sides with his sweaty 13-year-old palms. The next thing I knew, he had slit her open from stem to stern with my kitchen shears.

I am going to call her Shiba.

My new Toshiba laptop.

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