Saturday, August 23, 2008

Scatterbrain Saturday

BObama needs the Clintons more than the Clintons need BObama.

The movie Swing Vote is a comedy, but that little girl in it made me cry. Twice.

My #1 son should be named 'The Soiler'. He can't wear anything more than a couple of hours without staining it. He chose khaki shorts to wear to the movies. The movies, where he insists on having buttered popcorn. I told him NOT to wipe butter on his shorts. That's his normal solution. Never mind that I also told him to bring some napkins, but he 'forgot'. Then he assured me that he doesn't wipe movie butter on his shorts. "I wipe my fingers on the hair on my legs." So he didn't wipe butter on his shorts. He sat on something. Something that left some crumbs, and a silver-dollar sized grease spot on the back of his left khaki leg. This is only the second time he wore those shorts. My Tide Pen is so old it's lost its voice. When we got home, I made a Tide paste and let those shorts sit for an hour. They are washing now. Don't even ask. SHOUT does not work for me. It must be the hard water. I've never had a SHOUTing success.

Who is Joe Biden?

HH bought a used car off a parking lot by USA Drug. It was the first car he drove. He paid the guy $1500 in cash. My name is Hillbilly Mom, and I do not approve this transaction.

I think I lost interest in the Olympics when they started letting professionals compete, and added every sport known to man. Beach volleyball and dirt-bicycle-jumping-racing make me not care who wins a gold medal. That 8-gold-medal swimmer guy is no Mark Spitz. I would not hang a poster of him on my wall. The Speedo will forever rule the unitard thingy.

While I'm in the Olympic mode...a voice interview with Kerri Strug concerning gymnasts under the age of 16 reminded me that Chris Kattan did a better Strug than Strug on SNL.

HH called during the movie to ask if I had anything I wanted him to grill. Of course I had left my phone in T-Hoe. Because you would think that a middle-aged man could look inside Frig on his own, and see if there was anything to grill, which would be a big NO, because even though there are two pounds of hamburger, HH would not be able to pat the meat into burgers, and the bratwursts and pork steaks in the freezer would have to be unwrapped and cooked an extra 10 minutes, and it never entered HH's mind that it is SATURDAY, and I do the grocery shopping on SUNDAY, so the cupboard is bare of fresh grilling items, and Mrs. Hillbilly Mom certainly does not want to stop on the way home from the movie at 5:30 to buy meat, and especially does not want to set immediately to whipping up side dishes for the main course.

I caught The Pony sleeping with his head inside the pillowcase last night. That boy just ain't right.


DeadpanAnn said...

When I get grease on my clothes, I soak the spot with Dawn or whatever other grease busting dish detergent happens to be around. It works at least as well as any of the expensive stuff you're supposed to spray on.

I don't know who Joe Biden is, but he looks like a child molester or some other type of slimy old guy. Oh wait, he's been in the Senate since he was 29 (and Obama was 12).

I agree about the Olympics. Table tennis? Badminton? The Chinese apparently REALLY dig table tennis according to something I heard on NPR yesterday.

Stewed Hamm said...

I have to like Phelps over Spitz, if only for the fact that Spitz has always reminded me of a creepy 70s porn star with that gigantic mustache of his. Granted, Spitz did get get famous in the 70s for doing stuff while wearing skimpy underwear...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
I have gone the dish soap route also. Like when I get supper on my shirt, but I'm not ready to take it off and wash it, so I dab a little on there to start digesting the stain.

I think maybe Biden got around 150,000 votes (woo woo!) as a presidential candidate in the primary. But that may be an overestimation.

There was one bad boy badminton player, along the lines of tennis's own John McEnroe. The Olympic dude tried to psych out his opponent by continually asking to dry his handgrip or something. And I could only think: DUDE! You're a BADMINTON player!

I think Spitzie STARTED the whole bushy mustache thingy for porn stars and gay guys. Not that there's anything wrong with that...