Thursday, August 14, 2008

All Over But The Cryin'

Whew! I don't have to go through that again for another year!

Perhaps I've mentioned that I don't like first days. I found out how hot and stinky my room gets with 25 11th graders crammed in. I've met all the freshmen. Funny thing, the kids that came over from Basementia were fine. It was the 'new kid' who decided he was, for some reason, noteworthy, and needing all the attention 7th hour. That's how he excused his attitude to me. "Hey. I'm the new kid." So I told him that if that was how the kids acted at his old school, I was certainly glad I didn't teach there. And I asked the rest of the class if they were impressed. They concurred that they were not. Not when I asked if anybody wanted to be called by a different name than listed on the roll, and he said, "Yes. Transformer." Or when he said, "No, really. I want to be called Jebediah instead of Jeb." So I said, "Are you sure that's what you want?" And he said, "No. That's my real name." Some people are OH SO NEEDY, I suppose. I am reserving a special place on my seating chart for him. Shh...he won't know until Monday.

I am mad at my dumb SmartBoard. I got there with my lesson on a flash drive, hooked up my Shiba, and got a blue screen and No Data from Mr. SmartBoard. I tried for 20 minutes to rectify the situation. Then I gave up and ran one copy and read it to the kids. After school, I complained to the #1 son who taught me to use Smarty, and told me I was a graduate of his How To Use The SmartBoard Academy. Au contraire...he tried, and the same thing happened to him, and he had to fiddle about with Shiba and Smarty to make things right. He SAYS it will work now, and I made a notecard full of prompts for various troubleshooting techniques.

Those new tricks are kickin' this old dog's butt.


Stewed Hamm said...

Smartboards are a source of never-ending fun. They're great for showing your presentation... until you try to use the digital marker-thingies. Then they're never calibrated correctly, so they end up writing about an inch away from where you intended.

It's also fun to watch people spend the first five minutes of their presentations try to figure out how to advance the slides by tapping on the screen... after a DOZEN OTHER GROUPS have done the exact same thing. Just save us all the trouble and wear a big sign that says "I slept through this class" already.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Seems like a lot of technological hoopla over something you can do easier with a whiteboard, some dry-erase markers, and a projector.