Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Now You See Him, Now You See HIM

Here is the Ol' Man Cooler, sitting on the side porch, enjoying his retirement years. If I had it MY way, he would be in a HOME right now. And not MY home. It's a story of If You Give A Husband A Cooler. First, he will be excited and declare that his new Cooler is going in the garage to hold water and soda and beer. Because apparently, the new Frig, the basement mini-fridge, and the BARn mini-fridge can't hold enough water and soda and beer.

When he looks in the garage, the husband sees that it is taken up with our new T-Hoe, a 4-wheeler, and the Scout.

"Ol' Man Cooler will fit in there if I put my collector truck in there to work on," HH declared. This is necessary because the 1986 Mercedes, besides being butt-ugly in a yellow-cream way, is having issues. So HH needs the BARn to work on the Merc, but the collector truck is in there with no wheels and lacking some engine parts.

The husband works on the collector truck for two weeks, which is pretty good considering he has had it for 10 years and it still isn't 'collectible' enough.

He is almost ready to move the truck, once the last wheel is put on. But he has decided that Ol' Man Cooler will serve his needs better in the BARn. "I can have ICE CREAM!" I heard him tell his #1 son.

Which still doesn't explain why Ol' Man Cooler is still cooling his heels on the side porch. PLUGGED IN! He can go to the BARn any time. Any time at all. He's a big mooch, always sucking up electricity.

I blame HH for the bad manners of Ol' Man Cooler.

But here is the glorious new member of our household, Frig. He's fairly quiet. I am enjoying the bejesus out of him.

He's so shiiiiny!

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