Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stick In The Mud


My life has become tedious. Every direction I travel to work has some kind of construction going on. The new gradebook thingy kicked me out today. I wasted 20 minutes trying to make it work, put in a call to the principal, found out an colleague was having problems with it as well, gave up when my plan time was over, and did a restart and worked on it for an hour after school. My grades are IN, by cracky! But I have not prepared my room to start the day, and with the travel situation questionable, and tomorrow being Wednesduty (as The Pony has named it), I am not looking forward to it.

Our neighbors are getting married. I think it's Saturday, but I'm not sure. They gave us a flier. Yep. That's the way we do things in these here parts. Silly me. I thought they were already married. They bought the LandStealer's house about three years ago. I have barely spoken to them in all that time. They are just not friendly. And I am a fountain of bubbling good cheer. But the attraction of this wedding is that they are roasting a pig, and having a Sumo wrestling tournament, and a Texas Hold 'em tournament, and a washers tournament, and bluegrass music. It's our own Hillbilly Olympics. I hope she has forgotten that I did not attend her Purse Party. Purses schmurses. I have had the same purse for at least 10 years. And I might have it another 10 years. It's not like we have to drive a great distance to the wedding. The #1 son says he'll drive me in the Scout. He'll even put a chair in the back and drive me like I'm a queen on a float if I want. We could actually walk if we weren't so lazy. It's about a quarter-mile from door to door. HH plans to go. The roast pig did it. I am on the fence. The lure of Texas Hold 'em is might strong.

Last night I fell asleep in the recliner for three hours. I awoke at midnight, needing to copy 20 pages one at a time because of the school copier situation. It took 30 minutes. This is how I earn my summers off.

Is the school year almost over?

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