Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Thought Thriday 8-15-08

Random thoughts were in abundance yesterday, but since that was the first day of school, I saved those randoms for today.


Our school does not have a Hurricane Drill. In other news, the students may not recognize a joke if it bit them on the butt. "Hey, somebody get this thing off my butt! I don't want to be slowed down during the Hurricane Drill!"

On the electoral vote map, it seems that Missouri has moved from 'leaning McCain' to 'McCain.' Who knew? Umm...everyone in Missouri.

I saw a strange critter on the outside of the building today. He was as big as my hand, and a bit spooky, and he looked a little somethin' like THIS:

That's a glass door panel, not a window.

Those are rough stone blocks, not bricks.

This megalomothiac was bigger than my hand.

He has some really funky mouth parts that look like fingers.

He is fearless. Me, not so much.

When you are searching rooms for victims who may be hiding during an earthquake drill, and find a strapping young man lying under a desk in your next-door-teacher's room, and she is berating him to "Get UP! We have to go outside!" and she is reaching her boiling point, having sent the rest of her students outside to safety, and you tell her, "I am leaving him under your supervision so I can check more rooms," and she later appears outside without the that a bad thing? Let me answer for you: no. Because the 'victim' was planted by the subversive safety committee, even before they got their mocha plastic hard-hats between drills number 3 and 4 today. Our team at the NotMabel end of the hall was un-outsmartable. What say you, Mabel? I hear that my end WON the safety drill competition.

What's with people finding Bigfoot and holding a press conference and then saying that, well, they don't actually have Bigfoot himself, because he is in a freezer somewhere, and that when some DNA is analyzed and shows 'possum', they say it is what Bigfoot ATE? How lucky they are with the coincidence that they have a website selling all things Bigfoot.

The Montauk Monster called. He wants his 15 minutes of fame back.

Hey, Clintons! BObama called. He wants his convention back.

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