Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Evenings With Hillbilly Mom

Or in another incarnation, Random Thought Thursday on Tuesday.


Can a woman of -ahem- mature years develop scoliosis overnight? Because I have a pain in my shoulder, and my back is all sore, and it feels like my spine is akimbo.


Did you hear? The first daughters were vaccinated for the swine flu last week. I KNOW! And there wasn't even a photo op! Funny thing, the entire first family got their seasonal flu shots last week, too. That's a head-scratcher. So many minutia to puzzle over. Around here, they're pushing the flu MIST for kids 2-18. And you can't have both the mist doses of seasonal flu vaccine and swine flu vaccine with 3-4 weeks of one another. So perhaps the girls got the injection. Now, little 8-year-old daughter will need another shot in three weeks, because she's under the age of nine. So will there be a press release the week after she gets both of her follow-up shots? Oh, and the elders are waiting until healthy adult people are being vaccinated. Does anybody see anything wrong here? If one person should be bumped to the head of the vaccine line, would it not be the freakin' PRESIDENT?


More oddities of the flu vaccine variety. Dr. Marc Siegel on FOX & Friends this morning vaccinated himself on air with the swine flu vaccine. Only he snorted up a honkin' helpin' of that flu MIST. As he did that, I was thinking, "That dude is sixty if he's a day!" So then he explained that yes, he IS over the age of 49, but because he's in good health, he can take the attenuated live flu virus mist. Who knew? A doctor not following the guidelines set forth by the CDC. And what's wrong with the vaccine that he won't take that on camera?

The good doctor pointed out that the vaccine DOES contain Thimerosol, which is about as much mercury as in a piece of fish. Hm...what size piece of fish? And you don't exactly inject the fish deep into a muscle, either. Seems that the mercury might be metabolized a bit differently by digestion than by intramuscular injection. But what do I know? I'm not an old doctor on FOX & Friends taking a child's life-saving nose candy.

Did you see Brian Kilmeade's face when the doc was taking his hit of FluMist? That expression reminded me when alleged child-abusing comedian Paula Poundstone did a routine about her cats sitting outside her shower, watching her, with looks of, "How do you DO that?" Oh, and for those of you who are not regular watchers of this train wreck of a morning show, Brian is the goofy one on the right, with the black hair. The other goofy one is a bigger idiot, and his name is Steve Doocy. Don't believe anything out of his mouth. He mangles the 'facts' of every story.


I think I have a bunion. Whatever that is. The side of my foot hurts. I blame my recent bout with scoliosis.



Kathy's Klothesline said...

I haven't had a flu shot in 35 years. Seven months later I gave birth to twins. I was assured that this was coincidental.... but I won't take that chance again!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Good thinkin'. I hope we're not in for a swine flu vaccine baby boom in nine months!