Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Little Of This

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Another prep football contestant and I are now tied for 2nd Place, two points out of the lead. My old alma mater dared to WIN in spite of my confidence in her as a loser. How dare she! There are four weeks left in the contest. I don't want that recliner to slip away from me.

At school, basketball is gearing up, with conditioning practice beginning on Monday. The #1 son is eager to hit the hardwood. He practiced all summer on his own. I don't think he will be picked last in the pick-games.

GoatHoarder H went to pick up a new goat this afternoon. I have not seen it yet, but it took him an hour and a half to get it, even though it only lived 10 minutes away. No word yet on whether it is a girlfriend or boyfriend for Goatrude. GoatHoarder H has been letting Goatrude out to run on a dog leash and clothesline. He lets her eat the brush around the animal compound. Funny thing, Einstein H trimmed the brush so Goatrude wouldn't get hung up while she's on the leash eating the brush. There's something O. Henry would appreciate there. Well, if he wasn't dead.

We got a past-due statement on the #1 son's ER bill due to his concussion in July. That is crap. CRAP, I say. I paid the $100 ER co-pay that very day. Then the hospital billed us $621 for the doctor. Insurance paid $113, leaving that hospital to hound us for $508. Insurance Mediator H called GHP after the last statement, asking how they could say the doctor was out-of-network, when he was working at that hospital that is in-network. What were we supposed to do, drive around to emergency rooms knocking on those sliding glass doors, until we found a doctor that was in-network? And what if we found one, but he was at an out-of-network hospital?

Insurance Mediator H called GHP again on Friday. Funny thing, GHP had sent the hospital a check for that $508. A check that the hospital had cashed two days before the statement date. Somebody needs to introduce the left hand to the right hand at that place. Something's not up to snuff in the billing department. I had told Personal Assistant H that he needed to call the hospital on Friday, too, so they could put a note in our file. He said, "Yeah. A note that we don't pay our bill." I think he missed the point. When I am off in the summer and deal with crap like this, they always put a note in the file that we are haggling with the insurance company. Anyhoo...I'm not paying that $508 that they already cashed. They can bill me until the goats come home. Fair is fair.

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