Sunday, October 4, 2009

Somebody Stop That Guy

Oh, dear. That poor Jon Gosselin just can't catch a break. The nanny that he denied having a romantic relationship with has been giving interviews about having sex nine times with Jon (and not very good sex). OK. Maybe Jon did not see those nine times as A) romantic, or B) a relationship. Seems that Stephanie Santoro only worked for Jon for a week. Wonder if that was Jon's choice, or Kate's choice.

Here's the worst part (besides that image that can't be scrubbed from your brain of Jon having sex): they went to the garage apartment to finish this hot-tub fling. That means that after Jon loving checked on his 8 children ages six through ten to make sure they were asleep, HE LEFT THEM ALONE IN THAT BIG HOUSE so he could go have sex in the garage. You can't just let sleeping children lie. No, no no. Anything could happen. But that seems to be a low priority on Jon's Screw As Many Women As I Can list.

Nanny. Hmpf! That Santoro woman was paid, all right. But she wasn't paid for watching those 8 kids, was she? Because she wasn't watching those 8 kids. She was engaging in sexual activity with Jon.

Here in Hillmomba, we don't call that a nanny. We call it something else. Call Jo Frost. Let's see what SHE can do for Jon.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Poor guy. I have trouble feeling bad for either of them. They made a small fortune with their kids and they seem to be keeping the whole sordid mess alive and are no doubt cashing in on that, too. Get a real job!

Hillbilly Mom said...

The kids need to eat, and maybe go to college and therapy. Jon needs to keep it in his pants.