Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quenching The Thirst

We arrived home this evening around 6:00, and upon exiting the garage, we were greeted by a plethora of goats. They're herd animals, you know. Goatherd H learned that on the internet. Once inside the house, I could hear the clippity-clopping of 24 goathooves on my porch. I think they might have indulged in a snack of dogfood as well. I am afraid to check my rosebush.

This week is flying by. My classes have wrapped up another chapter with a test, and are now reading Science World magazine for a few days. This issue had a picture of five puppies cloned from a 9/11 search dog. Now, you would think that the business of cloning cute little shepherd puppies would grab their attention. But no.

One class was preoccupied by the humans in the photo. Five cloned puppies were not enough. Two garden-variety men were. "Mrs. Hillbilly Mom? Why are those men sitting so close?" Like I had even noticed that two men were in the picture. "I don't know. Maybe they' lovers." Why can't two men sit next to each other on the grass with five puppies on leashes without somebody insinuating that they are HOBOs? That's what The Pony asked about Michael Jackson one time. "Mom, is Michael Jackson a hobo?" Sweet Gummi Mary only knows what he heard at school. Do these kids not understand that when you take a photo, the photographer (that's PHOTO-grapher as pronounced by my students) tells the people to move in closer. For all the inquiring minds demanding an answer, you'd think the two dudes were french-kissing or engaging in anal intercourse.

Another class wanted to know if a girl could clone her grandma. Well, perhaps illegally, for a lot of money. You can't convince me that somewhere in the world, a government or private research facility has not attempted to clone humans. And they might have done it. Money makes the world go round. Private citizens can clone their dead pets for the right fee. I saw it in a previous Science World. Anyhoo, the girl was a bit discombobulated when I said that Granny would not recognize her. As I told later classes, people don't stop to think that the cloned organism has to go through growth stages like any living thing. Granny would start out as a baby, and eventually grow into grannyhood, but in the meantime, the girl would be aging, and would always be older than Granny. Plus, Granny would have her own set of memories from her clone upbringing.

My students have a thirst for knowledge. In fact, they yearn for it. Which makes them clones of Charlene on Designing Women.

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