Monday, October 19, 2009

Hardly Worth The Effort

This is parent conference week, so we have two late nights and Friday off. The #1 son has late practice the other two nights, so you won't find much entertainment here unless monkeys fly out of my butt or I run over Charlie the Unicorn.

I would have typed up this bit of unbridled excitement earlier, but I was watching Monday Night Football. My mind wanders sometimes, and I could have sworn that somebody left the game with a hamster injury. That conjures up that OH SO WRONG Richard Gere urban legend.

Did anything interesting happen in the world today? I have been incommunicado much of the day. This make-up work grading is driving me crazy. Today I had a ten kids absent in a class of 18. Not all were swine victims. About half were FCCLA members on a trip.

The #1 son has been headachy and nauseous and muscle achy and fatigued and coughing since last Thursday, but he was never feverish. His cough is a bit worse today, but other than that he says he feels better. I don't know what he's got, but I don't want it. We gave Concussor a ride home across town today, and he and I both put our windows down and told #1 to keep his swineyness to himself when he hacked up an invisible hairball in the close confines of T-Hoe. Supreme Immunity H has not even gotten his seasonal flu shot yet, and has been hacking and sneezing and spraying me with his breather germs for three nights. I think I might sleep on the couch tonight.

I don't like my chances of dodging this virus.


Chickadee said...

My hubby says he's not getting the flu shot this year. A co-worker convinced him of this fact with the "you should test your immunity system and see if you don't get the flu." argument.

I told him the flu was going around earlier this year and a lot more people seemed to be getting hit. A poor time to test the "immunity theory" and besides, the flu shot doesn't prevent you from getting the flu, it just lessens the symptoms. Sigh. Men.

Hillbilly Mom said...

It seems as if he has never had the flu. Once you've been sick as a dog for two weeks, you are kind of willing to drink your own urine or eat fermented fish out of a pot buried in the sun on a Korean beach for a month. All in the hopes that you don't get sick as a dog for two weeks ever again.