Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Woman Falls, Narrowly Missing Recliner

Looks like I won't be bringing home a brand new recliner. With only one week left in my prep football contest, I have fallen into a tie at 6th Place. I am only 5 points out of the lead, but there are four people ahead of me, and one I am tied with. Two bad weeks in a row will do that to you. I blame my hometown team for losing when I pick them, and winning when I pick against them. What's up with that? The other reason was my own fault. I meant to pick West Plains. Those Zizzers are somethin' else. I used to teach at a school that was in their football conference, and everyone down on the Missouri/Arkansas border knows that you don't underestimate the Zizzers. Imagine my surprise when I was checking scores, and saw that I had picked against the Zizzers. That was not supposed to happen. My fingers betrayed me. Such a calamity!

I was all ready to drown my sorrows in some Lazy Woman's Chicken and Dumplings, but Plan Ruiner H walked by the kitchen and said, "Oh, did you put some of that in a container for my lunch tomorrow?" Um. No. Plan Ruiner H had already eaten a portion of the LWC&D, and went out to admire his chickens. I was washing up the dishes, planning of having some lemon pepper baked chicken, which I had packaged the remains of for lunches this week FOR ME, when I saw that the container in which I was saving the leftover LWC&D would not quite hold it all. I put the rest in a small bowl and decided to have that instead. But no. Plan Ruiner H ruined my plans. Funny how that works. So I made up a lunch for him, which has never been part of this marriage deal, each of us agreeing to see to our own lunches, after I would pack them for him and he would instead go out to lunch and spend money back in the days when we lived in my $17,000 house and not the Mansion.

Here's how to make Lazy Woman's Chicken and Dumplings. It's so easy, a lazy woman could do it. Even a somewhat active child could do it. Take a large pot and dump in two cans of chicken broth, two cans of cream-of-chicken soup, and two large cans of canned chicken. Add some black pepper. Boil it up and add a package of cut-up flour tortillas. Boil five minutes, and VOILA, it's done. You might want to add the chicken last, so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan.

Bon Appetit!

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