Saturday, October 17, 2009

Drunk-Shame On You

Sadly, this is not The Twilight Zone, but the real world, present day. Still, presented for your consideration, a group of teachers, letting off steam at the end of the school year, unaware that they are about to enter The Twilight Zone.

Six co-workers, three men and three women, went out for drinks to celebrate the end of the school year. The Michigan teachers decided to continue the party at the home of one of their group. On the way there, the three women went home with one of the men for a quick toke in the garage.

After more partying at the party, Veronica passed out between the couch and the coffee table. Her buddies decided to make her skin a rich tapestry of penises and balls. Veronica did not like her new artwork, and the next day went to the police and filed charges. She also went to the hospital for a rape test because she said she had been sexually assaulted in the bathroom prior to passing out between the couch and the coffee table. After a police investigation, no charges were filed.

In September, 2009, Veronica emailed the Michigan Messenger to complain that Superintendent Mike Duda was culturally insensitive in a PowerPoint presentation that he gave to kick off the school year. That's because he included a slide that said, "If you want this in another language, move to a country that speaks it."

Now Veronica has gone public with the photos of her skin tapestry from the incident in June, 2007. Mind you, these photos were never shown to anyone but the police and school administrators until Veronica foisted them on the public. It is reported that the high school kids at Haslett are posting them on their social networking sites. Good job, Veronica. Way to heap even more embarrassment on yourself. You must be one heck of a grudge-holder. You're biting off your nose to spite your face, gal.

The upshot is that Veronica thinks the school and police should have punished the drunk-shamers for drawing on her. The police did their investigation. The school says they don't have a legal leg to stand on.

I say that Veronica is a bad apple, and a crybaby to boot. If you smoke the wacky tobaccy and drink until you pass out, you kind of have to accept that your own actions led to penises and balls being drawn on your fair skin. Not to blame the victim, but she says she made some bad choices. She says she couldn't give consent to that sexcapade when she was so messed up. But on the other hand, weren't the other people also messed up? Didn't they use bad judgment? How can they be held responsible? They were messed up. Works both ways, sister.

I also say that those teachers were some piss-poor artists with their male anatomy. Had none of them ever seen a penis before? And who is stupid enough to go to the trouble of writing 'balls' backwards on Veronica's forehead so she can see it in a mirror, but write it upside down? Does Veronica stand on her head to look in the mirror? At least nobody teabagged her and posted it on the internet, like happened to Obama's close personal friend Reggie Love. No. I'm not linking it.

This little escapade was on their own time. No students were involved. They were of legal drinking age. Police decided not to prosecute the marijuana possession. Being a butthole is not a crime. Veronica is a poor sport. End of story.


DeadpanAnn said...

A poor sport, indeed. And a bitch.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
She needs to make a Note To Self: If you can't take the heat, don't toke and pop flexeril and drink until you pass out.