Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Nothing is funny.

My neck still hurts. Not so much my neck as my entire right shoulder. And lung. I think the lung problem occurred after lunch yesterday, when I left the cafeteria early to have a coughing fit, and hacked up a piece of lung into my wastebasket.

The doctor's office will not call in my sweet, sweet Histinex, but rather a codeine concoction which does not work for me. It stops my cough for about two hours, and during those two hours I feel like I can't breathe. Then the cough comes back with a vengeance, to expel all that lung snot that has been accumulating for two hours. My sweet, sweet Histinex would never do me like that. Sweet, sweet Histinex dries up that snot, stops the cough for about four hours, and lets me breathe.

This week, I have slept an average of three hours per night. That is not enough.

I can not find a position in which I am comfortable. Not sitting, not standing, not lying down, not reclining. I can either cough or have shoulder pain. HH and the boys still see me as their personal servant. Yet no matter how badly I perform my servantly duties, they refuse to fire me.

Can somebody play the world's smallest violin for me?

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