Thursday, May 7, 2009

Late Night News

We just got home from the Top Ten Percent Academic Banquet, so there's not much to report tonight. Both boys have a headache, I am tired from staying in town, and it's nearly HH's bedtime.

I asked MOM to look at my tick bite this afternoon, and she said it looked like a pimple with a black spot in the middle. That means it was either the tick head or the scab from that crater she left in my flesh from ripping off the tick. No target-y rash to report. Even that softball-sized thing on my side did not have a target-y shape, so I'm guessing I dodged the lime disease bullet this time. I think that side bite came from a tick that I dislodged by scratching, and it then climbed up to my neck.

I blame those darn chickens. It happened the weekend MOM and I were in the chicken pen tending to HH's folly.

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