Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doing The Chore

Jet-setting Hillbilly Mom arrived home to the blog a bit late tonight, having cooled her heels at a Choir Concert most of the evening. Or as her students of three years ago would pronounce it, a CHORE Concert.

The plan was for the #1 son to sneak out of the designated compound that houses the yet-to-sing and already-sung students so we could get home at a decent hour. But no. That crafty Mr. H was too smart for us this year. Not that we've ever pulled that trick before. We have always stayed like the good little soldiers, watching a plethora of cronies sneak out with no penalty. But this year, Mr. H announced mid-concert that the choir members should come to his scorer's table thingy right after the conclusion of all three choirs and the boys' quartet to pick up their awards. So we stayed.

I must say that it was more enjoyable than I had anticipated. Our concert choir has a very nice sound. And the swing choir is always fun to watch, though the ringleader of the dress-picking committee should be forced to ride in the back of my T-Hoe and listen to me car-sing for one solid month. Those dresses were monstrosities. Strapless, balloon-skirted, hideous things that flattered perhaps ONE of the more spritely girls. Those poor lasses were tugging at the dresses throughout the performance. But it might be noted that the #1 son said he kind of liked those dresses, and saw nothing wrong with them.

Next big shindig: Graduation!

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