Sunday, May 17, 2009

Homework On A Sunday Afternoon

We've been busy this afternoon, doing The Pony's homework. I am not too fond of homework on a Sunday afternoon. The Pony did not tell me the extent of this assignment. All he said was, "You have to help me fill out a survey about things I've done." He did not mention that this was a three-page survey, or that I also had to fill out a 'favorite family recipe' page, and that he needed a picture of his room, his house, and his neighborhood. Go figure.

The #1 son, always campaigning for a new electronic gadget, volunteered to take the pictures and send them to my New Delly, and to put in the photo paper for my printer. That's AFTER he discovered that my printer didn't work, because he had unplugged the surge suppressor during our time without electricity. His angle, I found out, was that his phone and our video camera do not take good pictures, and he NEEDS a new camera, but we can buy the old one from the school newspaper sponsor for ONLY $250 because the school is getting a new one that's over $400, so it's actually like getting a camera for half price (even though this one was around $350 new). He's even offering $100 of his own money, which is all he has, notwithstanding the fact that he is the only one who uses a camera, but wants my money to buy it.

Excuse me. I've got to get crackin'. I need an image of an egg for photoshopping an egg tree.


DeadpanAnn said...

The egg tree has had me giggling since I read it yesterday. Tell him you had several egg trees, but the dogs ate them and scattered their feathers-- I mean leaves --all over the yard.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
The Pony has a script, which will be revealed when I post a pic of the egg tree. I don't think he can pull it off, what with his stammering mode of telling a story. You haven't lived until you've listened to him relate the plot and details of an entire cartoon movie.

The dogs are biding their time, waiting for Farmer H to bring home a goat.