Thursday, July 31, 2008

Random Thought Thursday 7-31-08

Little boys do not make good floor sweepers. I don't mean using them like that fluffy white dog and a dustpan on that one commercial. If you tell a boy to sweep the kitchen floor, he will sweep stuff out from under the table and cutting block, and away from the baseboards, and distribute it evenly throughout the kitchen, so that when you walk through, you can pick up clumps of stuff on the soles of your feet. Without even trying! While wearing socks!

Did you know the iPhone is a snob? An elitist? Here's a fact. If you call AT&T and those iPhone people, they will tell you that you can merely trade SIM cards and the iPhone will work. You can take a nonworking iPhone to the AT&T store, and they will give you a new SIM card, and still tell you it will work. But it won't work. You know why? Huh? Anybody? Buehler? It won't work unless you have a credit card to activate the iTunes thingy. Yep. Even though everybody has assured you that it will work, they neglect to tell you that you cannot activate the iPhone without a credit card. Even if you already have a valid pay-as-you-go plan. "How do you know this, Wise Old Hillbilly Mom?" you may ask. Because the #1 son made a deal to sell his old iPhone to a lad at church for $200, and use that money as part of his payment on his new iPhone which is taking over 10 days to ship. The 17-year-old lad of course has no credit card, and earned his money mowing lawns all summer, and only wants his 'new' iPhone to work. The #1 son called those fakers again and told them how it worked up to the activation part, and THEN they mentioned that a credit card was needed. Now the boys are up to some jailbreaking shenanigans to get this contraption to work. Meanwhile, the hardworking lad leaves for vacation tomorrow, and will not have his iPhone. Nor will he have the Razr he had bought just before the iPhone deal, because he took it back for a refund to buy the iPhone. This is why the working man can't have nice things. The snobs keep him down.

I hate road construction. All four locations that are blocking my way to town.

HH needs Nanny Jo to put him on the naughty chair and be stern with him. I have grown tired of his antics.

One of these things has given me a headache: sweeping, iPhone, construction, HH. You be the judge.

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