Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hillbilly Mom Is Apathetic

That's APATHETIC. Don't try twistin' my typin' for your own sordid jokes, people. I'm in the summer doldrums that settle over the Mansion when it's too darn close to back-to-school time.

There's nothing in the news that interests me much today. I don't care that aging hipster doofus Matthew McConagay (as called by Chelsea Handler) sold his baby-birthin' story to OK! magazine. Maybe he can use the profits to buy a shirt and some deodorant. Other things I don't care about, in no particular order, are:

*A baby bear called 'Li'l Smokey' who burned the soles off his feet in a wildfire

*The city of Chicago's big gun buy-back weekend, $100 per gun

*77-year-old syndicated columnist Bob Novak running over a pedestrian while driving his black Corvette to work in Washington

*Miley Cyrus auctioning a Red Carpet date

*Christian Bale whacking around the women in his family (allegedly)

*Estelle Getty's bucket-kicking

*The world's first unpregnant man's exclusive baby pictures in People magazine (take THAT, McConagay!)

*Kid Rock's $1000 fine for a fight in Waffle House

*iPhones are selling for $1000 on eBay

The only thing that halfway piqued my interest was that somebody tried to crash BObama's overseas party.

Thank the Gummi Mary, tomorrow is Random Thought Thursday.

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