Sunday, July 13, 2008

You've Been Pushed Aside

I'd love to have a lengthy discourse with you about random thoughts, not-politics, or conspiracy theories. I might just change my blog into that Sunday night troika of goodness a la McCloud, Columbo, and McMillan and Wife. Or I might not. Not tonight, for sure. I have bigger fish to fry. Which reminds me, although these are hypothetical fish, I really must check the basement mini-fridge full of soda for those Canadian Nightcrawlers we had left over from our fishing trip three weeks ago. Aside from that, I have a full evening planned. An evening which does not include you. Sorry to be so blunt. Truth hurts sometimes.

Tonight, you see, is a very special TV night. Big Brother 10 premieres at 7:00, and then there's Ice Road Truckers at 8:00, and a Bizarre Foods rerun with Andrew Zimmern eating rooster's testicles again at 9:00, and an Intervention that I haven't seen at 10:00, and I must really check my Dish Network program guide, because methinks the Showtime 3-hour Big Brother After Dark program kicks in tonight from 11:00 to 2:00. And I saw an online rumor that Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows is on TCM at 5:15. Not to mention that Larry King is replaying his 'Giant Alien Spaceship Over Crawford, Texas On January 8' tonight on CNN. The mere thought of all this mind-mushing goodness makes my sore belbow hurt with the idea of pushing those remote buttons. I'll have to go lefty tonight.

I needn't worry about cooking for HH and the #1 son. They are moving furniture from my mom's house to HH's Number One Son's new house. The Pony will be satisfied with some mini corn dogs, blueberry muffins (I have real blueberries!), and green grapes. I, myself, plan on some old-fashioned popcorn (not from the microwave--I could devote a whole post to it), and red grapes. Yes, it's a regular banquet here at the Mansion tonight.

Out of my way, people! Watch the belbow! I've gotta get crackin'. Those muffins won't bake themselves, you know, and time is growing short.


Cazzie!!! said...

Big Brother is just finishing up over here this week, and I think everyone would agree, we cannot wait for it to finish. I don;t know what has happened to the BB promoters, but they have all gone a bit looney I think! The housemates this year were boring, and so what did the promoters do? They went and got Pamela Anderson on over here and had her drop into the house as a special guest, a secret guest.
The kids did love one thing, that was the Friday Night live games with the BB hosuemates as contestants..I enjoy it too, they made me laugh.

dale said...

Big Brother always strikes me as Jiggle TV HM.
(we;re just had Pamela Anderson on our BB),

Hillbilly Mom said...

We don't get your version here, but it sounds way more exciting than ours, from what I've read about it. Our houseguests just lounge around b*tching about each other. The challenges are very brief competitions that we see for about 5 minutes. Even it they take hours to complete, we see 5 minutes.

I read on Google that Pamela Anderson was going to be on. And I thought to myself: WHY is Pamela Anderson going to be on?

We can get Big Brother After Dark on Showtime, from 11:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. That is live feed every night. It is way better than the network show. You can hear what they really say (no bleeping), and you see some good fights. Every now and then, somebody strips off his clothes and runs through the back yard.