Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Thought Thursday 7-24-08

Ping...dingdingding...sproing! Those are the sounds of the thoughts pinballing around in my head tonight. I've been waiting all week for Random Thought Thursday, and now I forgot what I had to say.


The mind is the first to go.

The Pony is feeling his oats. The usually ubertractable equine has been voicing his own opinion of late. He actually got his nose out of joint when I asked him to get up off the couch, where he lay in pajamas watching Atlantis, the Lost Empire. At 6:05 in the evening. All I wanted him to do was carry a glass of water down the stairs for me. He is a beast of burden, you know. When I called him on his horsey attitude, he stated, "You are interrupting my do-nothing-fest."

Cleaning out your pantry is for the birds. I went to get some Jiffy Corn Muffin mix 20 minutes before HH was due home, but alas, the cupboard was bare. I gave him the butt of The Devil's french bread that had been languishing in the cabinet since Monday instead.

That driller, Wayne, who runs the Viking rig on the oil-drilling show Black Gold, entrances me. Last night, he picked up a big ol' rattlesnake to show the camera, then said he hates to kill them, but he has to keep his crew safe. Next thing you see is Wayne putting away a six-inch pocket knife. And I thought he was just glad to see me.

I saw on the crawly writing at the bottom of FOX that some astronaut named Mitchell who walked on the moon for Apollo 14 told a British radio station that aliens have much more advanced technology than humans, and that if they wanted us dead, we would have been dead long ago. NASA released a statement that Mitchell is a fine American, but they do not share his views. And furthermore, NASA has never tracked UFOs or kept information secret.

Somebody needs to wash the dishes.

I despise a floggin' rooster. Wait a minute! No, I don't. That was Ruby Thewes in Cold Mountain. What I meant to say was, I despise Whoopi Goldberg. She has never made me laugh. Not one time in her whole career. Way back in the 80s she hosted Comedy Aid or some such charity big deal show full of comedians for the homeless. Billy Crystal, and perhaps Robin Williams, were the other two tri-hosts. I can't stand any of them. They are unfunny. And Robin Williams is hairy.

Though I am not a big fan of Will Farrell, the movie Step Brother looks like it could elicit several laughs from me.

That darn astronaut crawler reminded me of our new quest for a base on the moon. I just read something about it yesterday. Of course, if we really landed men on the moon during the Apollo missions, it should be no problem, right? Just dig out the blueprints for those rockets and rovers and modules and start a-buildin'. Am I right? Surely we can do it again, since we already did it several times without incident. Are you with me? Why should it take so long? The plans are there. The technology is much more advance than it was 39 years ago. Piece of cake! Right? Anybody? Believers? Conspiracy theorists? Anybody...

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