Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In The Eye

We just had a spate of bad weather. The kind with rotating winds, which was noticed 6 miles east of town and headed this way at 25 mph. That was at 4:59. Just before the electricity flickered, and killed my New Delly, Gamey, and the microwave clock. Now we're having a brief respite while Rolla gets the goods.

The Pony and I were in our basement lair anyway. We whipped out the weather radio for more info. HH had just left work and stopped for a PowerBall ticket. He declared that he looked south, and the weather looked OK, so he was coming home. Duh. He drove right through the area where people were warned to take cover in a basement or interior room, and if unable to find shelter, lie in a ditch. Not HH. He merrily putted along the highway, and declared that all he encountered was 'light rain the whole way'. That man ain't right. He would stick his hand into an inferno and say, "That's nice and warm. Where's my hand?"

I'll be brief tonight, so I can put New Delly to sleep in a normal slumber, which is different than being whacked over the head with a tree limb.

At least I don't have to worry about hurricanes or floods or wildfires.


Have Rhythm, May Dance said...

Hey Hillbilly Mom - with respect, I'm one of "BOBama's" folks. I think the name you're giving us lacks respect, but hey, this is America, and it's your blog. So..let me just say that I saw the footage of Senator Obama speaking live to Brian Williams, and the ellipses denoted, as they sometimes do, simply, pauses in his speech. He does pause a lot, which can be annoying.

And about the 'too cool for school' business - normally I really like to be the smartest person in the room. It bugs me when, as often happens, I see that I am NOT. But when it comes to The Prez, Honey, I want him or her to be the smartest person in ANY room. Like it or not, Senator Obama is very, very smart.

Thanks for reading this - no need to post it, I only wanted to say hey to the blogger, who is, I assume, also the moderator.

Best Wishes,
Sandra Leigh
Phoenix AZ

Hillbilly Mom said...

I am not sure if you mean a literal name, or just the picture I am painting, so I'll address both.

If it's all about 'BObama', that's just taking the way I've been coded in the computer at several places I've worked. Like 'Sally Adams' becomes 'SAdams'.

If it's the 'sexist egotistical lying hypocritical bigot', that's one of my favorite expressions from the movie '9 to 5', which also gave us Franklin Hart, whom Lily Tomlin referred to as "He'll always be just 'F Hart' to me."

'Too cool for school' comes from a comment Mike Barnacle made about BObama on Morning Joe. I think it was concerning him acting like he's already president.

If it's the portrayal of the Obama camp as whiners, I put the blame on David Axelrod. He's the one pulling the strings on that campaign. At any little slight, they fire back a comment about somebody being disingenuous. Also, I was a strong supporter of My Gal Hillary, and she took some hits from some Obama supporters on the blogs. And still does, even though she's out of it. So the BObama love has never been there for me.

I am a nonpartisan disrespecter. I've also discussed Grandaddy McCain, and that Sissy Boy Edwards who has gone to great lengths to dispel the 'sissy' part, what with his recent 'alleged' love child and mistress.

I was actually planning to vote for BObama like a good Democrat, until his European trip put me over the edge. I thought it was too staged as a political rally. Again, blame Axelrod. He of the 20 American flags in the background whenever BObama speaks, and that hideous fake presidential seal.

I don't doubt that BObama is smart. But I do have a problem with his halting manner of speaking, because I am afraid it will make our country look weak when he sits down with some foreign leaders. John McCain, though at the bottom of his class, will scare the pants off of them. Not that I plan to vote for Johnny Mac. I will have to wait until the debates, and see what else comes up with both candidates.

My MAIN problem with BObama is his carefully crafted image as something new, when in fact he is politics as usual. Plus, I think his ego is so big that he might decide not to have a vice president. AND I think he patronizes women, like with the 'sweetie' comment. Then again, Grandaddy McCain called his wife the 'C' word, so I'm really in a quandary on who to vote for.

I commend you for sticking up for your candidate. I only wish mine was still in the race.

Have Rhythm, May Dance said...

Aha! Thank you for enlightening me re: 'BObama', I get it now. Just the shortening thing. Like I'm Sandra Leigh, but at the bookstore, my students pick up assigned texts that are marked with my name listed as Sleigh. Jingle Bells! It sleighs me every time.

Anyway, let me just say an Amen to Hillary - I wish we could have a co-presidency. . .maybe. . .I think they are both very fine choices. As for Johnny Mac, his choo choo has gone chugging off the tracks, and if he answers the 3 am phone call, when he picks it up he'll just say 'PUSH THE GD BUTTON!' and KaBoom goes the world.

I think that Barack's annoying pauses are one of his greatest strengths, because they tend to mean he isn't giving a canned answer, which he sometimes does, and which I loathe. I like his thoughtfulness, and believe it would serve him well at any diplomatic table.

I also think that Barack just MAY be (and I am a disaffected cynic, believe it or not) *both* a tough, slick Chicago pol and a guy with ethics and a huge dream and the personal charisma to influence a nation. Besides, I think he's hot - as good a reason as any, right? ;)

I still think Bill's hot too. Ooh. Those eyes. That hair.

Again, best wishes, and I likes me your blog.


Hillbilly Mom said...

BObama's speaking pauses may be seen by some cultures as wishy-washiness, I'm afraid. Sad to say, My Gal Hillary's womanness would also have been seen as a weakness by some cultures. What concerns me about Johnny Mac is that several men who served in the military with him said they would not vote for him, due to his vicious temper.

I fear the dreams of the co-presidency have fallen by the wayside. Especially after seeing the expression on My Gal Hill's face when interviewed today. I had been holding out hope that she was going to be the big secret VP announcement to capture the headlines and kick off the convention. That said, I don't know how the ego battle between BObama and My Man Bill could ever have been resolved, short of sending Bill out of the country for four years for do-gooding.

I will concede that BObama is hotter than Grandaddy McCain. Although that doesn't take much. Merely regulation arms and a non-lumpy face. My Man Bill, on the other hand, has a charisma that makes up for his physical appearance. On a side note, I think John Travolta captured that charisma when playing a fictional Bill Clinton in the movie Primary Colors. Can't stand Travolta, but he had the charisma thing goin' on. And Billy Bob Thornton made a great fictional James Carville.

You can bet I will be glued to the TV during the convention. And I don't really even like politics all that much.

As you can tell by my not-political blog. ;)