Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bad Boys! Bad Boys! Who Ya Gonna Call?

HH is a drama magnet.

Yesterday, he rode the Old People's Gambling Bus with me. I gave him gambling money. Wouldn't you know, HH won a total of TWO DOLLARS. Plus he kept the playing-with money I gave him. Which is the amount I lost. It's the most I've ever lost in one trip. Go figure. No good deed goes unpunished. But that is not the drama.

HH saw the little old lady who sat in front of him on the bus being 'talked to' by some men in suits. They took her away, along with a bunch of free money coupons that come in the mail. I, myself, had three of them yesterday, for a grand total of $45 free money. I don't know what this little old lady had, but HH said it was "a lot". He said they came to her machine, talked to her a minute, then escorted her away. It was a couple of Harrah's reps, and several suited men. I'm dying to know what happened, but HH refused to ask her on the bus.

THEN, after HH ran an errand upon our return, he called to tell me of his newest excellent adventure. He was stopped at the light in front of the hospital, and saw a truck approaching behind him, with the driver swinging his arm at the passenger. HH looked at the light, and when he looked in the mirror again, the driver and passenger were both gone. They were out in the ditch, slugging it out, along with a passenger from the bed of the truck. The light changed, and HH pulled away. The two beaters threw the beatee into the road, then jumped back in the truck and took off. HH called 911 and gave their license number and a description of the incident. How he could read a license plate backwards in a mirror, I'll never know.

Here is HH's account: "I said I was in front of the hospital, because I don't know the name of the road. The dispatcher told me. I was going really slow, about 30 (duh, that's the speed limit there), so they couldn't get away, and that truck passed me at the cemetery. I followed them, just to make sure they didn't get away. There happened to be three city police cars at the light in town, and they U-turned and caught the guys and had them standing against the truck. I wasn't going to ignore it. That guy was all bloody, and they threw him in the middle of the road! That's dangerous! Our local state representative might drive by and run over him!"

OK, Mabel will know what I'm talkin' about. The rep allegedly ran over a drunk walking on that section of road on New Year's Eve, and left the scene of the accident, and then lied and said his wife was driving, and that she just saw a person lying by the road who looked like he'd been beaten up, but no BAC test was given, and they couldn't explain how the mirror on their LSUV had been torn off, etc. He hasn't gone to trial yet. So he could conceivably drive by and run over another guy. Allegedly. Good to know that HH had the beatee's well-being on his mind. He didn't stop to help, mind you. But he did turn around and drive back that way after seeing the bad guys apprehended, and saw a state trooper assisting the beatee. I think it was quite considerate of the beaters to beat the beatee right in front of a hospital. I also think HH watches entirely too many episodes of COPS in a given week.

At least nobody threatened to shoot HH this time.

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