Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trash To The Bone

Nothing new tonight. I've been held hostage at a Winter Choir Concert. At least at this one, we got to hear actual CHRISTMAS music.

I do, however, have issues with the skanky wench two rows down from us who kept whipping around backwards to snap a picture of the woman in front of us. I'm hoping they were in some way related, or that would be assault in my book. The problem was, that woman did not want her picture taken by the skanky wench, which is why all the whipping around whatnot occurred. That meant that as I watched the middle school choir down on the floor, every 1-2 minutes a FLASH went off in my eyes, and just about the time the blinding white spot faded from my vision, another FLASH popped off. I think I have post traumatic stress syndrome from those bulbs bursting in air. If I had wanted my picture taken and my retinas overexposed, I would have sat down on the floor in front of the choir and luxuriated in FLASHes. I did not wish to ruin the evening for everybody by staging a confrontation. Skanky Wench looked like she had come out the winning end of a bar fight or two. And she might have been tweaking on meth. So I bottled up my crazy and saved it for my blog. Because that's the kind of gal I am.

Some people, on the other hand, are just trashy to the bone.

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