Thursday, December 3, 2009

Subzilla Wreaks Havoc

Today I learned that my substitute yesterday turned up the thermostat to 80. I didn't know it was that flagrant a violation of the Don't Mess With The Thermostat rule. When I entered the room to pick up The Pony after my radioactive-iodine-drinking binge, the heat hit me like a slap to the face. It was 75 at that time. My 5th hour said they almost died of heat stroke. Of course, if they had shut their mouths, the hot air might have dissipated more quickly.

Upon logging onto my school laptop, I found that the sub had been on it under the moniker hslab. That is just NOT an option in my room. I should have known when I saw that the lid was closed. I can only hope that she undocked it and fiddled about trying to connect to wireless, which is NOT an option in my room and several others. I'm not sure what we pay Tech Dude for. Perhaps for sending out snide little messages about not logging off even though the laptop won't log off. Which is beside the point anyway, because I turned the freakin' power off when I left Tuesday afternoon. Then there was the issue last year about all computers shutting down automatically every night to save electricity. Apparently we are gobbling kilowatts willy-nilly this year, as the instructions are to leave on your computers so they can run the updates overnight. But getting back to Subzilla...she had no business on my laptop. She did not use it for taking attendance. That is the only reason it would possibly be necessary, and paper forms are provided for attendance for subs, which she used.

Subzilla did not give out the make-up work that I left on my desk in plain sight, labeled Make-Up Work, sorted by class period. She did not manage the classroom in an acceptable manner, as evidenced by writing in the dust on the bottom of my future assignment cart, where today's tests were stored, and anecdotal evidence from students selling out other students, and complaints from office workers. There was also the matter of the poster that fell off the wall. Did Subzilla stick it back up? NO. She laid it on my desk. No wonder it fell off, what with the blazing dry heat of 10,000 suns pumping out near the ceiling. I told Mr. Principal in the hall after academic team practice that I was NOT happy with Subzilla's services, and I would prefer not to have Subzilla in my classroom ever again. We'll see how effective that is.

Letting students switch seats and slither around on the floor and verbally assault people who enter the classroom is just not acceptable for Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's classroom.

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