Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ripping The Ripper

The student who ripped me off for $10 in the candle fundraiser says she is moving. I think that's a bit extreme to get out of a debt, but perhaps this time it's not all about me. Thing is, she says I should be nice to her because she is leaving. I say she should be nice to me, because she ripped me off for $10.

Hey, I lost it.
That's not my problem.
It's not MY problem.
Yes, it is. It was your responsibility.
Well, I'm going to pay you back.
Won't you miss me when I leave?
I don't know. It depends on if anyone else takes $10 from me.
You should throw me a party.
I just might. After you leave.
How's that a party for ME?
Well, when you pay me back that $10, I can spend it on a party for the class.
But I won't be here.
No, but it will be your party.
It will be your gone-away party. In your honor.
But it won't be a party for ME.
Yes, it will. We can all enjoy your party after you're gone. Except maybe YOU.
You're mean.
I'm $10 poorer than I was at the beginning of the school year. That makes me mean.

Which may sound kind of cruel, but she didn't have to 'lose' my $10 and then tell me that it was stolen and then tell me it was lost and say she's going to pay me back when she's had a month to do that already and then act like it is totally no big deal and I should just forget about it and not expect her to pay.

Try that in the real world, girly. I'm teaching you a life lesson. People do not react kindly when you rip them off.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

There is a whole contingent of folks out there who think the world should just forgive them any debt. I don't get it. I would say it was the parenting, but I raised 5 and they all turned out differently. One of my children was bailed out of credit card debt by us to the tune of 8 grand. Promised to pay us back. She has had 12 years, but can't pay us back because she ran the same credit cards up and declared bankruptcy...... "doesn't that include you?" What??????

Hillbilly Mom said...

I may be able to lead them to water, but if I can't make them drink, I'll be darned if I'll let them splash me without any consequences.