Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Man Sticks It To HM Once Again


I don't know how I go on. I really don't. There's just one conspiracy after another, all with the common goal of sticking it to Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. Each morning I awake to the Dorothy Parkeresque thought, "What fresh h*ll is this?" At least Dottie had the comfort of drink.

Monday, HH had to pick up some medicine at the pharmacy. I had my next-to-last First Monday faculty meeting, so HH agreed to pick up two refills I had called in. HH had his own fresh h*ll when the clerk refused to sell him his new medicine. She said the doctor had to call the insurance company. HH said he would deal with that at his next appointment, but that he needed the medicine, and he would pay cash. She didn't want to do that, but HH insisted. It cost him $58 instead of the $40 it would have cost with insurance. Or, if we were laying about eating bon bons all day instead of working, it would have been free.

HH came home with both refills, but said that at first, the clerk couldn't find The Pony's Loratadine . That's generic Claritin. HH insisted it was there, so the clerk rummaged around the drawer again and found it. HH paid for it separately, because she had already rung up the rest, after the flapdoodle about the insurance.

I looked at the packages to make sure it was the right medicines. My eyes bugged out of my head like Tom when Jerry squeezes him in a vice. "Why did you pay $29.85? It's generic! It's never that much. Didn't she use the insurance?" HH said he didn't know. She might have been confused about the other insurance malarky.

So, I did what I should have done in the first place, which was to go head to head with the pharmacy myself. It was 5:45. They close at 6:00. I called them. "My husband just picked up some Loratadine for our son. Did that not get run through the insurance?" She cut me off before I could even finish my thought. "That would not have gone through insurance, because it's a generic." Then she got all the confidential information so she could look it up. "Oh. It shouldn't cost that much. It's only $4.00." I told her I would stop by the next day for a refund. Which I did, and they had it all ready, too, sealed up in their little druggie grocery sack, alphabetized with the medicine.

Come to think of it...I should have opened it up to count it right there.

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