Friday, April 17, 2009

Inmate Letter, Page 2

In light of recent events, the following items are also being discontinued due to the closing of the Free Store:

f) adhesive strips-no Band-Aids, Curads, Scooby-Doo brand, or any other. Injured parties will just have to let their blood flow. No more free staunching.

g) doorstops-no propping...the doors will slam shut. In or out. It's a favor, really, to those who could not figure out how a doorstop operated. Any time a doorstop is broken in trying to make it work, signs point to removing all doorstops for inmate safety.

h) GermX-no more disinfecting. Germophobes will adapt or die. A booger will remain on the hand until the bell sounds, signaling a new activity.

i) baby wipes-no more soapy cloths with Aloe to clean and sanitize inmate living areas. The filth left behind by one inmate becomes the filth of the next inmate.

j) sentence information-no daily reports of how much time is left on an inmate's sentence. Family will have to look it up online and communicate such information to the inmate.

KARMA Law is now in effect.
Contraband will be confiscated. Consider the recent case of the inmate who, mere days earlier, asked one of the staff, "You don't actually think people tell you the truth, do you?" And the same day, also stated, "Everybody texts in the asylum." What a stroke of fate that the inmate's phone chirped loudly during work detail. Woe is the inmate who is now phoneless. Pity the fool who tried to argue that, "I wasn't doing anything with it. It just went off." Indeed. Staff might have believed such a tale, had not the inmate tipped that all inmates lie to the staff. And that all inmates text in the asylum. KARMA is such a b*tch.

Furniture will be affixed to the floor.
No inmate shall move any item of furniture. That includes sliding, lifting, scooting. Furniture will remain in the fixed maze position. The staff is aware that it impedes inmate movement. That is the reason it is arranged in such a pattern.

No one is wishing you luck in your new endeavor. In fact, staff is snidely watching and waiting for you to fall on your collective faces when your FREE support system is cut off.

There's more than one way to win a battle


Betty said...

Whew! You are really getting mean. School had better be out soon. lol

DeadpanAnn said...

When IS the school year over? May 20? June 1? Never?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Miss Ann,
Last day for students: May 20, early out.

Last day for teachers at Newmentia: May 21, after attending graduation.

And that's with 10 snow days, baby! Of course, next year we return on August 10. The way things are going, we will soon be shooting off fireworks during our inservice days.