Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Day, Another Chicken

HH let his precious chickens out of the pen for exercise this evening. As usual, he let the dogs babysit them. Imagine his surprise when Ann the black shepherd/lab killed one. Allegedly. Ann always ends up with the spoils, as she is our largest animal. It wouldn't surprise me if Tank the beagle was the actual murderer. He's just pissed that he can't get the rabbits out of their hutch. The cuddly, soft rabbits, OH SO CUTE, with twitching noses. Tank sure loves to stand under the hutch and sniff them.

In true HH form, Ann was flogged with the dead chicken, in an effort to make her contemplate the error of her ways. Of course, dogs don't have much of a memory, so Ann is probably thinking right about now, "Mmm...what's that delicious taste on my tongue?"

Farmer H is batting 1.000, having stopped the chickens from laying in a mere four days. Some men have a green thumb, HH has a black thumb. He's the Debbie Downer of animal husbandry. I might as well make a video record of the carnage.

I have a feeling that the title "And Then There Was One" has already been used for a horror film.


Betty said...

A friend of mine had a beautiful, big rabbit that she kept in a cage on stilts that she thought would keep it safe. One morning, she went outside to feed the bunny and found that it was gone. Taking its place, inside the cage, was her German Shepherd with a very satisfied expression on its face.

Hillbilly Mom said...


Farmer H just moments ago decided to hold a bunny so The Pony could look at it. Grizzly the beagle/lab mix took a sudden interest, and Farmer H got a clawin' from Mr. Wiggly.

You'd think Farmer H would know more about his livestock.