Saturday, April 11, 2009

Counting The Days

There are 28 days of school left. I'm not doing cartwheels just yet. I still have to get through the End-Of-Course testing with my techies. My physics kids are on autopilot. We have a backlog of Science World issues to scatter amongst the remaining days. Then there are the Core Competencies to make sure everyone has been tested on. We will be switching into the hands-on mode for our Egg Drop and Straw Towers and Hot Wheels Momentum activities.

There still remains plenty of torture before we reach the end. Surprise, surprise, we are switching insurance carriers, so there's a big boring meeting after school Wednesday. Still to come are the Athletic Banquet, Academic Banquet, Spring Concert, and of course, Graduation. We are not required to attend Baccalaureate. I think the Hillbilly family will dodge the Athletic Banquet bullet because it is on the evening that HH and the boys and a crony of #1 are leaving for the state bowling youth tournament.

Before long, HH will be shocking Poolio to shape him up for summer. #1 is practicing basketball out by the garage as I type this. He says the coach told him that 26 players are going to the team camp in Nashville. Oh, and then he will have basketball open gym three days a week through the summer. That won't be as bad as last year, when he begged to attend summer school. I can drop him off at 3:00, and run errands or visit my mom until 5:00. IF she will turn on her air conditioning before September.

I am as bored with this school year as I am with this post.


Chickadee said...

Wow, only 2 weeks eh? I'll bet they create those banquets as fillers. As a student, I hated all that crap. We also had "Field Day" where you did all kinds of "athletic" stuff in competition form at the end of the school year. I hated it.

I spent last week hiking and camping in Big Bend National Park. I came home to a very sick cat so blogging about my experience has been put on hold til kitty gets better.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Sorry about kitty.

Basementia and Elementia have Field Day coming up. They had a grand plan for it at Newmentia last year, but the rain saved us.