Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Toke Over The Line, Sweet Gummi Mary

The Pony and I went to the optometrist after school today. We are both getting new glasses. To add insult to the injury of the outrageous bill, we had to wait 20 minutes while the office girls filed our claims wrong THREE times. I was almost ready to say, "Forget the discount!" You'd think that with doing that same job all day, every day, they could get it right. Oh, and I had to fill out two new patient information papers for me and The Pony. That's because we hadn't been there since 2007. Never mind that I called in December to try and get in, and they were booked. So that made it TWO years since we'd been there. Uh huh. We were just there with the #1 son in October. Guess they can't rely on the insurance info being the same after THREE WHOLE MONTHS pass.

The thing with the paperwork is that I went there because I can't see close up. I have to tilt my head back and squint at just the right angle. So filling out forms and writing insurance numbers was not an easy feat. Funny how you have to be able to see to go in and buy glasses so you can see.

I think those office girls had short-term memory loss, or else they had just stepped out back and fired up a doobie while we were being examined. I swear, they asked me HH's SS# over 10 times. You see, they SAID the computer kept kicking them out, but then mine took over and did the job for The Pony's worker. Every time mine told me the total so I could write my check, the other one spouted out a stream of numbers and then asked for HH's SS#. That meant the I kept forgetting the total, because of all the numbers shooting out of that chick, just like when Jane Fonda as Judy Bernley in 9 to 5 tried to run some copies and that copier went all postal on her.

They're probably going to have a shopping spree tonight on HH's identity.

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