Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hillbilly Saturday Night

We're going to the new bowling alley tonight. The #1 son is taking his girlfriend. We plan to check out the food, bowl a game or two, and play video games. The boys' bowling league starts next Saturday. I think #1 has outgrown his shoes, even though he insists they still fit. The Pony gets the hand-me-down bowling shoes. At least they're all in the family. I think he is currently on the size 6 shoes that had the Fed Ex problem. Never mind that he wears a 5. We'll make those shoes fit him, by cracky!

The bowling alley opened a couple weeks ago. It has been packed on the weekends. The road in front of it is currently all dug up due to the construction of the new roundabouts. I hate a roundabout with a passion. It was only a month ago that I found out that I would have to pass through not one, but TWO roundabouts on my way to and from work. The hold-up right now appears to be the tunneling under the highway part. Traffic is being rerouted into oncoming lanes, and the whole project looks like it was designed by a pack of drunken Millennials. Fie on the Millennials! They are the root of all our problems.

Them, and Fed Ex.

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