Monday, January 5, 2009

Did You Know

Did You Know...

You can take an old banana that HH won't eat anymore but won't say so and leaves on the counter until HM throws it out, and slice it up, and add an ice cream sandwich from Save-A-Lot that The Pony has lost interest in, despite begging for them about a month ago, and you have a simple, tasty dessert?

When an old bowling alley that allows smoking and has only about 5 video games and derives its main business from leagues changes into a brand new bowling family fun center, the people who show up won't be the people you know from bowling, but a crowd of meth-looking freaks who make you reluctant to ever drop off your kid there, even though he is 14 years old?

One of those coin-pusher games played with tokens is the next best thing to a slot machine?

If HH builds The Pony a 6-foot wooden shelf to hold his collectible knights and treasures, and announces that he is hanging it over The Pony's bed, he will get mad if HM and The Pony look at each other and comment that The Pony does not want to die in his sleep?

Six people bowling next to you, sharing the same ball return, with five of those people being kids under 6 years old, will use seven bowling balls for some odd reason, even though they get them off the rack, and all those little kids need the lightest ball?

The Pony is like a miniature Howard Hughes, except for that alleged cross-dressing part, staying in the Mansion, refusing to go out and be around people, wearing his pajamas all day?

HM has not had to do her parking lot duty since December 10?

The #1 son, who favors himself to be a technogenius, took his girlfriend's phone to help her put a new case on it, and hit some buttons, and locked her out of her own phone, so she tried several combinations to unlock it before calling her dad to beg him to fix it, and he told her that if she tried it seven times, her phone would have to be sent back to the manufacturer, and that #1 tried to download info on his phone of how to fix the problem, but his girlfriend told him he was supposed to leave it alone, because her mom would fix it when she got home, because she fixed one for her friend who locked herself out of her phone?

The 'Did You Know' post is going to become a regular feature here at Hillbilly Mansion?

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