Thursday, January 8, 2009

Driving Mr. Pony

No time for my astounding wit tonight. The #1 son had a game that was very far away. The Pony and I did not go because we are homebodies. HH did not go because he went to the doctor and then to bowling. Now The Pony and I have to go pick up #1. This is going to mess with The Pony's shower time. He is a creature of habit, and does not like disruptions. He will be discombobulated.

Does anybody want to take my place tomorrow morning and wake up The Pony?


For any of you who may be worried about MathCrony and the prank...she has been alerted. You see, we have a vast underground of singing canaries in Hillmomba. HM writes about it on her blog, Mabel reads it, Mabel checks her facts, and voila! MathCrony is updated with the time it's going down, and the name of the lead perpetrator.

This should lead to a no-fault prank. It can happen, but without damaging results to either party.

We hope.

More on another attempted prank tomorrow. But don't get your hopes up. It's mainly a war of words. Not started by HM, but finished by HM. Uh huh. Because that's how HM rolls.


Chickadee said...

Oye. Kids are so naive about stuff like pranks aren't they? Like adults are stoopid. Puh-lease. I look forward to reading more on future attempted pranks on Mrs. MathCrony.

You've got a good memory. So we kept the little kitten from the backyard cat drama and she's a little shite. I had all my wisdom teeth pulled out with little effect, and I'm not working at that place anymore because the boss used profanities at me and I snapped. But I'm working at the Butterfly House with little childrens...and I just finished up writing a program for scouts. You heard me. Scouts.

Any advice for dealing with the unruly?

Hillbilly Mom said...

MathCrony came to my room today to discuss an issue with a mutual student. She came TO my room, but not IN my room. She saw those kids I have that hour, and said, "I'm surprised you close the door with you on the same side of it as them." Yeah. And I told her, "I've been meaning to install a zip line in case I need to get out in a hurry."

As far as dealing with the unruly, I don't have much advice. It's not like you have the threat to send them to the principal. Humor works for me, but it has to be something that comes naturally to you. For example, when some teachers try it, the kids say, "What a crackhead."

Scouts should be wanting to give off a Good Boy image, I suppose, because isn't that part of what scouting is all about?

Sometimes I hear a kid say things like, "This is stupid!" So I say, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but I would rather you keep it to yourself, like I have to do." Depends on the group. Usually there are a couple of good kids who will kind of snicker at that. But I have the same kids day after day, and eventually build a relationship with them. I don't know about those you only see once. They probably just don't care, and know they can't get in trouble.

Oh, and now you've given me an idea for my next imaginary book: "Helpful Hints from Mrs. Hillbilly Mom That Will be Totally Useless to You."