Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Heard It From A Friend Who Heard It From A Friend Who Heard It From Another We'll Be Having School

Nothing like a little REO to sooth the savage teacher.

Not much to report tonight. The #1 son had a make-up basketball game that went into overtime. He plays a far-away game tomorrow night, so I can't promise anything interesting will be found here then, either.

The temperature outside the Mansion is colder than Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's two-sizes too small heart. Some schools have called off for Thursday, but I heard from Mr. S who heard from Golfcoach who heard from Mabel's Custodian Buddy who heard from AthleticD who heard from Principal who heard from Super that we WILL be having school in our district.

Surely that's a reliable source. Seventh-hand information is always reliable, isn't it?

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