Monday, November 23, 2009

Up The Butt Syndrome

Last week, a disgruntled student told me that Mr. M has something up his butt.

It all started when she came into my room and asked if I had a AA battery.


What do I look like, a convenience store?

No. But Mr. M sent me to find a AA battery.

You can tell Mr. M that even if I HAD a AA battery, I would not give it to him. In fact, it could be the last AA battery on Earth, a battery that I had no use for, and I STILL would not give it to him.


Yesterday, I called down there to see if my son could come up to my room for the last 5 minutes of class. Did he show up? NO. And my son told me that Mr. M would not let out a kid that the office called out. Mr. M told him, "You can go when the bell rings."

Yeah. He wouldn't even let the seniors out to order their gowns.

See? That's why I have no AA battery for Mr. M. He has changed.

I KNOW! He's got something up his butt.


She parted ways amicably, still clutching her drained AA battery that I can only assume was a trade-in for a working AA battery, perhaps to tell Mr. M the reason for his batterylessness, perhaps not. Please let it be noted that if I truly had a problem with Mr. M, I would not speak this way of him in front of a student. Mr. M and I go way back. He organized our very first trivia team. I usually greet him as Mr. A$$hole. That's how I roll.

I had a bit of fun with his up-the-butt syndrome on Trivia Night. But that's a story for tomorrow.

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