Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bet You Can't Top THIS!

On Thursday, I'm supposed to be having a kangaroo in my room. Not 'having it' as in giving birth to it. Not 'having it' as in scheduling a five-course meal and inviting it as the guest of honor. Not 'having it' as in consuming it as a source of protein. Nope. ScienceCrony has scheduled a guest speaker for her three biology classes, and has offered to lend him to us during 5th hour. The dude is supposed to speak on exotic animals, and he allegedly brings a kangaroo right into the classroom.

Who could pass up an offer like this? Not Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. It is reported to be a SMALL kangaroo. I asked, because I didn't know if I should rearrange my room to allow more space. OK, I also had a secret desire to select a certain student to box the kangaroo. But ScienceCrony says it is a SMALL kangaroo. Like they don't know how to defend themselves. I bet it's like tossing a child into the water to teach it to swim. Kangaroo mommas just might shove Junior out of the pouch and into a cage match.

And if the thought of a SMALL kangaroo doesn't make you say, "AWWW," then maybe finding out that the speaker dude carries his kangaroo in a backpack will do it. In a freakin' backpack, people! A SMALL kangaroo. It doesn't get any better than that!

I hope the little 'roo is not evil like that chipmunk I tried to save from my cats...unsuccessfully and necessitating a tetanus shot from the County Health Center. I hope my students don't scare the little 'roo to death. I hope the little 'roo doesn't get confused and jump into some student's backpack. And I wonder if the little 'roo will make that little hop and flip move and dive into the backpack like it's a pouch.

If this speaker dude does not show up, I will be very disappointed. I am going to take the #1 son out of his English class to record the event for posterity. And for The Pony. Provided the speaker dude will allow it, of course.

Don't hate me because I have the summers off, people. Hate me because I have a SMALL kangaroo coming to my classroom. In a backpack.


Chickadee said...

I'm jealous! (But I don't hate you.) I hope you take pictures of the little 'roo.

If those kids misbehave threaten them with the kangaroo. From what I've heard, those little boogers deliver a mean punch with their feet.

Have fun tomorrow!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'll get a picture when my son has time to fix it up for me. He recorded the whole class period of the 'roo.