Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Google Is Not My CoPilot

Google is not my copilot.

No. I am not fond of Google as my home page. The #1 son set it up, after my contentious departure from my old internet provider. Since I was no longer using their home page, the boy thought he was doing me a favor.

Google is a crappy copilot. He's the kind of copilot who hijacks the plane. Ever type in a website address and end up at Google? Uh huh. The website still shows in the address bar, but you're on Google's home page. You can't fly where you want to with Google as your copilot. Google controls your destination.

Google is the kind of copilot who will argue loudly with you about airline scheduling, cause you to overshoot your destination, and make you lose your job.

Google is the kind of copilot who lights up a cigarette, sprays on cologne, chews peanuts with an open mouth to taunt your deadly peanut allergy, says your uniform makes you look fat, picks boogers out of his nose and flips them at you, emails you porn, takes off his shoes and socks and bites his toenails, yells "I know you are, but what am I?" every time you point out his transgressions, and plays Sean Connery to your Alex Trebek for the entire flight.

Google is a bad apple.

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