Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We have a big trivia match coming up Saturday night. Basementia Buddy organized a team, and we will see what develops. This is a fundraiser for a really good cause, and I have no problem with donating back any money that we might win. I might even buy some tickets for the 50-50 drawing. Normally, I don’t. I resent that people expect you to donate those possible winnings back, too. Criminy! They already got to keep 50 %! But for this cause, I would make an exception and loosen the strings on my tightwad heart.

I can do that, you know. Because I’m Even Steven. Last Thursday, when the #1 son cracked open his eggshell noggin, the ER did not demand that $100 copay. They said they would bill us. Quite different from the hospital of Insurance Provider H, which demanded it before we left, after sending the #1 noggin through the MRI chamber to search for brain bleeding after his concussion in June. So I know there’s a bill for $100 floating around out there with Insurance Provider H’s name on it. Not to worry, though. For I am Even Steven.

That Friday night, the evening after the noggin-knocking, I stopped for gas at the Casey’s General Store by my mom’s house. Of course I had to cash in a $15 scratch-off winner and buy two $10 tickets. I did not have time to scratch them until 6:30 Saturday morning. Wouldn’t you know it? The second one was a $100 winner. I ROCK! I am Even Steven. Accrue an unexpected $100 ER fee on Thursday night…win $100 on a scratcher Saturday morning.

Can’t beat THAT with a stick!

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